2002-10-08 17:02:49 ET

i do not feel
its as if i am numb
numb to everything around me
like a robot made from the hands of hatred
something is not right
something must be wrong
i want out of this
i want to give up
i want to be taken away
i want to be dreaming
my mind is unsettled
my body convulsing
my heart pounds faster
as the minutes carry on
this is not me
this is not how i feel
this is not life
this must not be real
prove me wrong
and make me free
let me be
just the same as i used to be....

2002-10-07 12:08:55 ET

the gothic punk girl is really awesome.. i will write later when i am not all dizzy and such..

i could not live without you
2002-09-30 15:54:53 ET

such a sweet feeling
such as this one inside of me
all the treasures in the world
do not amount up to this
to the breathless way you leave me
after sweet soft kisses
the way you look into my eyes
i can see forever
i will get lost with you
just lying in my arms
you're everything to me
i need you
i want you
how could i live this life without you?
i love you with all my heart
if only i could make you see...
what you mean to me

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