Just a thought...    2003-03-19 18:33:24 ET
Well... we are now at War and I am pissed off cuz we should of gone and capped Saddam a long, long time ago and You know what we SHOULD have done!!!!

Sent Jessie Jackson to do it so it wouldn't really matter if he ever came back.

I'm going to eat my lunchable now.
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 Spring Break    2003-03-13 20:25:47 ET
Well I am home in Plano for Spring Break and have spent most of it looking for a job this summer and trying to regain control over my life... and it's actually been very productive. I spent this first couple days getting applications, filling them out, turning them back in, and driving my best friend Hilary around. I would think myself as being pathetic for basing my whole break around this process but it's just easier that way. I went to a the Big XII Basketball Tourney up at te American Airlines Center today. That was cool... better than yesterday where I spent the whole day working at my dad's office. I needed money... Well I must get some sleep for I am leaving tomorrow to return to my humble abode in College Station.

 Second thingie...    2003-03-05 01:00:51 ET
Oh I almost forgot... if you guys are bored and want to read some of my poems... i have a little section of the diaryland thing devoted to my poetry... so check out the link and then send me your criticism...


     2003-03-05 00:43:51 ET
Well it has been a while and yet it has not ben long enough... my Alcohol and Drug Education Program course is this Thursday... it's 3 hours long so it's not that bad... and then the hearing is on Friday... blah!! That's gonna suck....

 My Problem    2003-02-09 00:46:18 ET
Well... at 10:45 Thursday I went to this girl's dorm with whom I am in love with and inside I found a couple of my friends having some drinks. So I started off with a couple of shots of Whiskey... no biggie... and then move to a mix drink. Being the dumbass that I am I decide to mix in some 180 proof Everclear with my Sprite. And then I moved on to a couple of shots of Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay Rum. Well after me and the other two guys in the room finished the Jack Daniel's I preceded across the street with 2 girls I had never met prior to go dance at some club. And that is all I remember. I woke the next morning in the hospital ER after suffering from alcohol poisoning. My BAC was a .27 in the ER where I was admitted atleast 2 hours since my last drink.(I was admitted at 2:20 and stopped drinking at 12:00) It seems my friends got a call that I was throwing up in the club and dragged me back to my room where they put me in the shower where I preceded to slip in and out of consciousness. They called some older friends who realized just how bad I was and called 911... so there I am being transported out of my dorm room at 2:00 am by the EMS. Well I was discharged around 9:30 am and will soon face the wrath of the great SCRS(Student Conflict Resolutions Service Commitee)... I am the biggest screw up ever. I think I will soon make headlines of the local newspapers and student fliers against binge drinking.

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