My Best Bud    2002-08-26 04:25:29 ET
Well my best friend Stephen is not my friend anymore... he hates me quite a bit right now. After I moved into my dorm I went over to my friend Brian's dorm and he told me about some of the shit stephen had been saying about me and all that crap. You know the saying is "Dicks before chicks" but who follows that philosophy anyways? It's becoming more and more obvious that girls are the main reasons why friendships between guys but put through the blender... I mean shit!! The girl hates Stephen and hadn't been talking to him for the whole summer and he just stops talking to me cuz he finds out that we hang out a lot. I mean what kind of shit is that!! People suck!!

 I'm in my New Dorm    2002-08-25 22:23:33 ET
Well I moved in Today to my new dorm room in College Station. It's kinda small but it'll do... I've been playing my guitar the whole night and I'm going to try and wake up early to go running tomorrow morning so hopefully that will be possible. People can write me at

Somebody write me so I can have something to do... school doesn't start till the 2nd!! I'm bored!!

 South Padre.. the Beach    2002-08-08 06:14:19 ET
Hey I just got back from the beach. It was very much fun but I went with my parents... which is really not that bad but I think I'll go back during spring break with some buddies from college. I got pics from that but I can't find the disk which sucks cuz I've barely seen them myself. Well when I find them I shall post them.

 Girls!!!    2002-08-02 08:21:15 ET
Well I have decided that girls are probably the most confusing and utterly frustating creatures on the planet and their only reason for existence is to give us guys problems unimaginable. I have a best friend who is a girl who I used to have this amazing crush on. The only problem was that she was my best friend's ex-girlfriend. I know what your saying... how horrible of me but the fact that I had known her for five years and that I've had to listen to my best bud telling stories about her for a year and half could be seen as reason enough for me to have the slightest inkling of affection towards her. Well I began to not care what my best bud thought about me because frankly he treated me like shit. So I told her that I liked her and I wanted to know how she felt about me(we had been hanging out a lot and I was questioning whether or not her feelings for me were completely platonic). Well she told me she didn't "recipricate" the same feelings for me and the fact that I liked her was "cute." Whoo... I got rejected so bad... well a couple months have passed and we began to hang out even more and she's told me a number of times that she does have feelings for me but only when I would be dating another girl. Well one night... it was like 2 am... we were watching TV and one thing led to another and I made out with her. It was very cool... well when I asked how she thought about it she just said that my friend can never find out and that she didn't want this to go on any further. Sucks for me. Well lately we've been practically inseperable but I've given up on her and my so called best bud found out about everything(I don't know how!) and get this... sent her an e-mail telling her how bad of person she was and that he still had feelings for her and that he'd love her forever and all this other stuff but didn't send me jack. I was as much of a culprit as her if not worse and he doesn't have the balls to get made at me! Just pisses me off.

 Working    2002-07-29 14:05:11 ET
I've got a full time job at the Veterinary Clinic near my house as a kennel tech. I get paid $7 an hour(my last job paid $7.50) to walk dogs three times a day, feed and water the dogs, clean cages, mop the floors, do dishes, clean windows, clean cat cages, give medications, clean the operating room, take out trash, clean the examination sinks, clean the bathrooms, and then any other stuff they want me to do. I'm like a dog janitor. It sucks sometimes but I just remind myself of my dream to be a vet(which is why I am going to be attending Texas A&M... it has an amazing Vet school). It's not really a dream but just what I could see myself doing in 25 years and still enjoying my work. My real dream was to be a studio artist and attend the University of Southern California and become a big shot cartoonist guy. But that went down the drain when I saw how much the tuition was for USC(something $40,000). Then I decided I was going to be musician but found that no matter how much I faked it... I can't sing worth crap and then my guitar playing could use a lot of cleaning up so I put that dream on hold. I play my guitar everyday as much as possible so I'm getting better which is a very cool. I just wonder if putting a dream on hold is a good thing? What happens if I never accomplish that dream because the time has come and gone when it would of been possible but I was too busy for it?

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