2002-10-11 00:11:07 ET
Well I haven't written anything in a while so I thought I should probably write something. Well I am going to Baylor tomorrow to visit my friends and go to the football game. umm... other than that I don't think anything really awesome has happened to me lately. Oh... I think I'm in a band now... I filled in for them last weekend when they came to town and we played at some festival and some bar. It was very cool and a lot of fun... and people like sang along to the covers we did. So I think they like me... but what bothers me is that i don't play bass for like 6 months... devote myself to learning all about the acoustic guitar... get pretty good for how long i've been playing(People have told me I'm good also)... and I tell some guy I know how to play bass and I'm in a band. I did really well too for the first time playing with them... lots of improv stuff. It's just I want to play guitar... you know! Distortion... effects processors... I wanna play like Mike Einziger!! I mean I love the bass... I would play it till I die it's just there is so much creative process in the guitar and a lot of fun stuff to play around with... high notes... you know... you can take it off beat and go off on your own and shit like that... you can wail! I don't know... I'm just bitching tonight. haha... it's called "bass guitarist denial"... You know what I really want to play? I want to learn how to drum... crap I want to be the guy who can pick up any instrument and be able to just rock out. Okay well I'm going to Waco in the morning so I shall have to sleep tonight. Thanks for reading my incessant blabber... I'll probably get some pissed off bassists that will tell me I can do all this shit on the bass, I know that I can it's just a respect issue... I mean no one (except for me) plays air bass to a song. You should try it... it's tough!

     2002-09-24 07:48:06 ET

This looked kind of cool... oh and the quote game is over... nobody wanted to do it.
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     2002-09-12 21:49:52 ET
This is a very cool quote from an awesome song... the band is awesome so have some fun trying to get this one:

Knowledge is key.
You can never know too much.
Well I won't let them
Keep me from learning all I can.
Public schools just stand up.
The system feeds our minds.
Did the system tell you about democracy?
The same system that supported slavery?
When we try to make a change
To lock us up and throw away the key.

Good Luck!


     2002-09-12 21:31:57 ET

You are a muse.

What legend are you?. Take the Legendary Being Quiz by Paradox


     2002-09-09 22:24:33 ET
Well since I only had one person guess on my quote game and got it right I am still totally bummed. Well here is the next one:

We're not twenty-one,
but the sooner we are,
the sooner the fun will begin,
so get out your fake eyelashes,
and fake i.d's,
& real disasters ensue,
it's cool to take these chances.
It's cool to fake romances
& grow up fast.

Good Luck again.


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