2002-09-08 23:25:43 ET
Well I am thoroughly disappointed that no one tried to guess the quote... well I'll give you a hint... it's one of my favorite bands and they also have a song with this little except in it:

"If I hadn't made me, I'dve fallen apart by now.
I won't let 'em make me, it's more than I can allow.
So when I make me, I won't be papier-mache.
And if I fuck me... I'll fuck me in my own way."

Please someone try to guess!! I want to have something cool on this page!!

     2002-09-08 09:38:20 ET
In Heaven.
You're mysterious, picky, and a bit aloof. Some people say you have a very cheery personality, but it's hard to say because you mask your emotions behind dark pretenses. You enjoy watching obscure movies and going to plays, but by the end of the day you're usually too wound-up by the ironies of your life to relax.
Which Pixies song are you?


     2002-09-05 19:18:52 ET

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 Quicksand    2002-09-05 19:06:58 ET
Well my life is officially at a standstill... I can neither move forward nor back for fear that I'll sink... like in quicksand or something... I mean things aren't great right now but it's easier to not do anything and just stay the same. Well that's like conforming to your fears right? That sucks... conforming sucks... I hate conforming. Well I've decided to start a new contest... I'm going to post some lyrics from a song and you the reader must guess the artist.. and for each one right you get a point and if you can tell the name of the song you get an extra point. I'll keep score and all that. Well here's the first quote but remember that even though they may be easy now they'll get harder cuz like a lot of music that most of you have never heard of... I'm eclectic like that... okay... here it is... oh you only have like a day for each one... so I'll post the next one like tomorrowin the afternoon... it'll be an afternoon thing... haha.. okay... here it is:

"The garbage truck beeps as it backs up And I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away Could I push rewind?
The credits traverse, signifying the end But I missed the best part Could we please go back to start?"

Good Luck

 Running    2002-09-03 03:01:59 ET
Well I've been getting up early and running everyday for some reason. I mean don't get me wrong... I love running. It calms me down and relieves a lot of stress and tension but I need sleep and I haven't been getting much lately. My stomach is in knots and I can feel it tighten up all the time. It sucks. Haha... I'm such a loser. And I've fully classified myself as a hopeless romantic. I've got that Vanessa Carlton song stuck in my head... Ordinary Day or something like that... I mean I don't even listen to that kind of stuff. I have this sudden urge to learn how to play it on my guitar which isn't very easy because it's nothing like all the other stuff I play. Well I'm going to go do some laundry.

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