Question    2003-03-23 13:49:55 ET
"Eventually the revolutionaries become the established culture, and then what will they do?"
- Linus Torvalds

 It's My BIRTHDAY!!    2003-03-23 01:29:16 ET
I am now 19!! Gosh... never thought I'd be so thankful to see today. I'd like to say thank you to the 6 funloving subkulture-ites that made it so special.

Wahoo... I am going to church in 3 hours... not cuz I am forced but cuz I choose to!!

Bash me all you want... I will never leave.

     2003-03-21 23:31:22 ET
Well my friend Matt is in town til Sunday so we have been hanging out since Thursday night and I have found that I missed him very much. If you look in the photos... he's the guy in the Scuba gear next to the thug with the Ants In My Pants boxers. He's a very cool guy and I seriously feel very much connected with him... we both write poetry... we both enjoy more punk bands than anything... and we both have a huge soft spot for girls that have issues. He's a great guy so I am happy to see him.

In other news, I have come to the conclusion that I am a guy that is bent on change and never being the same as I was before... I'd like to say that I am happy with the person I am but I feel like that would be just settling for second best. Oh well... I don't understand why I still write in this thing but somehow it is helping me deal with the events in my life a little better... actually it has constantly forced me to defend myself. Made me reaffirm my beliefs and the decisions that I've chosen to make.

I want to thank you for your help.

 Once Again We Are #1...    2003-03-20 22:00:55 ET
So yeah... we somehow know that we have injured Saddam very badly. Yup yup... Wahoo for us!

But during all this wounding did we ever stop to think "What's going to happen when this is over?" "What are we going to do in Iraq?" I think that the U.S. is going to get burned very badly in the end. This "war"(if you can call a massacre that) can only end badly for us.

I send out a prayer to the soldiers. This isn't their fault...

For something on a lighter note go here:

 Somethin Funny    2003-03-19 19:10:58 ET

This is the funniest thing ever... I apologize ahead of the time to anyone that gets offended... i.e. cat lovers.

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