Today...    2003-04-06 16:10:25 ET
On slightly cloudy/rainy days like today I believe it is instinctually known as a "Listen to Reel Big Fish Day". Everytime I listen to "Everything Sucks" and "Take On Me" I just jump around my room and everything is right with the world.

Fun stuff... but I gots to study for my Math test on Friday. Here's a my favorite quote from a Fish song...

"I eat the muscle and she eats the leaves high cholesterol and heart disease yea, you'll never touch the way that i feel just for the record she got the deal i don't wanna hear it"

 Sad Day for Music    2003-04-04 19:20:10 ET
Well... today I found out that Dirk Lance, bassist for incubus, is leaving the band after 12 years. He was an incredible musician and his playing really opened my eyes to what it means to be a bassist.

This is a sad day.

 Cool Movie    2003-04-03 22:48:20 ET
Hey... I just got finished watching the coolest movie. It is called Equilibrium... I bet some of you have probably already seen it but this movie is awesome. It does remind one of the Matrix a bit but yet so much different... cuz there is no Keanu (whom I have never really liked all that much) but instead has Christian Bale. What a badass he is... I thought American Psycho was by far one of the best movies I have ever seen and he sold that one to me as did he with this one.

Very cool plot too... It's like a Millenium version of 1984 and Brave New World wrapped up with awesome visual effects and gun play that just too cool. Very cool storyline even though I thought both of those novels were rather slow. But anyhow... this movie was very neat and I am surprised that I never heard of it before.

But yeah... if you are interested by my description you should definately check it out. 'Nuff said.

 Good Day Today    2003-03-30 21:40:36 ET
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I had a good day today!!! It was filled with me downloading Triumph the Insult Comic Dog appearances, going for a good run around campus and talking with a wonderfully nice and beautiful girl that I like very much.

Oh... and I had to study also... but that doesn't make any day a good one. But it didn't really matter today. WAHOO for today!!

 My Theory on College    2003-03-29 21:13:37 ET
They say college is supposed to be fun and liberating... it's a load of crap. After being mentally programmed in K through 12th grade, you enter college so as to further be taken advantage of by the system. When you are at your weakest you are that much more easily controlled and the American education system has more than proved itself. Also may I point out that the wealthiest and smartest of every class usually enter college... this is more than a coincidence. We are the most impressionable at the vital age that college is made available to us and instead of creating revolutionaries we are now formed to the mold of the Capitalistic Middle-Class American.

I am angry right now if you couldn't tell. I wrote this godforsaken chemistry essay and the website on which I am to load and enter it to be graded is not working. So I wrote this little tirade.

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