New Photos from Summer Mischeif    2003-08-26 04:29:50 ET
Check out the new photos of summer mischeif in my Gallery and when I get back to College Station I will write some of the happenings of this summer... but now I must pack for Thursday.

Fall semester starts Sept. 1st.

BLAH... but I am ready for it to start.

 Strange...    2003-08-13 22:53:02 ET
Well I've been listening to the Linkin Park "Meteora" CD and I would have to say that those guys know how to make a great record... I have a hard time skipping tracks cuz everything on that CD pretty damn good!

I mean... I never really liked them to begin with but after getting the new CD (cuz I was told it was incredible by my bestfriends) I would have to say that I like them quite a bit more now. It's kind of hard to explain but it's like how well the band comes together stylistically makes me appreciate them that much more... you can tell that they are very meticulous and must plan everything to the millisecond.

What can I say? I like hardworking bands that put on good shows and come out with great CDs.

 Fear Not For I Returneth From The Ashes    2003-08-01 23:54:29 ET
Well I am back and better than ever... to all those that missed me I say "I am sorry" and to all those that didn't I say "I am sorry" also because I am back. A tough summer of working and schooling and getting dumped by girls has taken it's toll. I just got done with a night of driving around with my buddy Brian after seeing American Wedding... which I liked very much and highly recommend. I like how it pulls in a lot of emotion along with a lot of laughs... just high quality all around. Well I just realized it's 4 am and I need some sleep.

Hello and Goodbye and I shall return sometime soon.

 FUCK YEAH    2003-05-07 08:27:36 ET

Note: I do start Maymester on Monday....blah!!! Stupid Public Speaking shittiness.

 Thoughts    2003-05-05 01:07:15 ET
It's the Beginning, I feel, when we are the most fearful. We know it is the start of something new and potentially great, but we are still so very much afraid. We cannot foresee all that we have still ahead of ourselves and that is the unknown that man fears the most. It is the variable that we cannot comprehend when we are so used to constants in our lives that really never existed in the first place. We are naive in that we have control and we know this... and that is where the fear comes from.

It is in the Middle that we are the least capable of appreciating. We are rarely thankful for these moments because we don't realize how very amazing they are to have. This time that we have been given we take advantage of. These blessings we have lain out before us... we shun until it is too late and we are left only with the memories of them. We just don't realize how very special this life is.

The End is when we are sad for what we've lost. It is at the end we realize how great the Beginning and the Middle truly were. But it is also in the end that we realize how much we are afraid for the next "new" beginning. We laugh at our insecurities of the past but we are so very afraid of the future. We are afraid of failing at what we cannot comprehend. And that is terrifying. Terrifying in the fact that we do not know anything. We have hit the wall of the truth that we really know so very little. The end is where we strive for rememberance so as to not be forgotten. We cannot understand why time has moved so fast but in all reality we know it just moved at the same rate as before... we just didn't know what we had.

It's too bad we have to wait til the end to know how great the time before was but 'tis better late than never I guess.

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