What giving up gives you and where giving up takes you...    2003-09-17 06:49:11 ET
Just Watch the Fireworks

 I'm Listening to Frank if you couldn't guess...    2003-09-15 15:39:24 ET
A Sinner Kissed an Angel Lyrics:
Stars in the sky were dancing
One night perfect for romancing,
The night a sinner kissed an angel,
He wanted thrills, she wanted love,
Oh but his sighs were tender
As he begged her to surrender,
The night a sinner kissed an angel,
And she believed that it was love.
How was she to know that every lovely vow
Was part of the game he was playing,
But to his surprise he realized
Somehow he meant every word he was saying.
Yes, miracles can happen,
I know ’cause I saw what happened
That night a sinner kissed an angel,
That was the night I fell in love.

 Blessed Am I    2003-09-12 23:54:21 ET
I have just had an amazing conversation about poetry with a wonderfully beautiful girl that I can't believe that she is real. What a wonderful evening!!

Oh... and her favorite poem is Langston Hughe's

"A Suicide's Note"
The calm
Cool face of the river
Asked me for a kiss.


 New Poem on my Poem Site...    2003-09-10 21:26:59 ET
Well since a long time ago there was a big argument over poetry being on SK I'm not going to post my latest cuz I don't want to piss people off again and risk losing my precious peice of cyberspace heaven. So... I'll just tell you guys about it... it's good... i like it... it's one of my more descriptive ones and it was cool cuz it had a very random origin.

If you guys want to critique... go HERE.

Thank you for your time.

 It's a Collegiates Life for me....    2003-09-02 05:49:26 ET
Blah... I am here in dreary College Station with only my wits and cunning to grant me safe passage to the end result of me hanging a sheet of paper in my office and having a home of my own... oh... and making buttloads of money but we all know that won't happen.

But I am strong nonetheless and will conquer this crappy conservative hotbed of Texass and will leave it changed... hahahhaa... FAT CHANCE. That's not possible... "Here at Texas A&M we are all about Tradition"... well Fuck that!! That's the one thing I hate about this place.

But I am strong I guess... well music news... Vendetta Red, Dashboard, Brand New, and MXPX are playing at Stubb's BBQ in Austin on the 18th so I am going to that shit!! Hell yeah!! Vendetta Red is badass and Brand New is awesome... the new Dashboard CD pissed me off but I like that emo kid way too much and MXPX is fun to mosh to... ummm what else... oh yeah... the new Third Eye Blind is badass and the new 311 "Evolver"!!! WOW.... what can I say!! Creatures is a badass song!!! Everything I hoped for in their next release... well... with 311 you just have to wait patiently and see what those guys are going to do next... you don't really hope... you just listen and let them tell you what they want you to hear. Amazing...that band is incredible.

Aiight... I am out.

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