My Album...    2003-09-28 07:42:46 ET
Well I've been thinking and I would like to start my personal soundtrack off with:

The Mars Volta "Bach Song"
Incubus "Privilege"
Something Corporate "Cavanaugh Park"
Jimmy Eat World "Sweetness" or "For me this is Heaven"
Juliana Theory "Repeating, Repeating"
The Story of the Year "Razorblades and Cupcakes"
311 "Flowing"
Guster "Two Points for Honesty"
A Perfect Circle "3 Libras"
Coheed and Cambria "Delitium Trigger"
Glassjaw "Mu Empire"
The Used "On My Own"
Vertical Horizon "Sunshine"
Taking Back Sunday "Great Romances of the 20th Century"
The Starting Line "Cheek to Cheek"

And then I'm drawin a blank...

Maybe put in Dashboard's "So Impossible" but I'm not sure... I will have to decide on a New Found Glory song cuz there are so many running through my mind that I can't think of the best one right now. Blah. And then "Sweetness" and "Razorblades and Cupcakes have kind of the same intro... maybe put on Jimmy's "Just Watch the Fireworks" instead... oh well... I need to study for my History exam.

 I'm Back...    2003-09-27 09:06:52 ET
Well I went to Waco yesterday with my friend Matt(scuba boy) and it was a lot of fun... which i needed... I very much needed to have some fun and I did so I'm in a really good mood. I mean Waco isn't a whole lot of fun in the first place but got to hang out with my best friend Stephen and we went to a bar where he knew the Bouncer and we got to order whatever we wanted and so much fun was had.

But that is not the real reason I posted... the real reason is on the way back we were listening to some really really good emo(Jimmy...Anniversary...Reggie) and I was thinking about the way music has shaped my life and what I would have on my own personal soundtrack...

Just a little thought there. What would be on your personal soundtrack? What are the songs that have most changed the way you look at life? What are the lines that have connected with those experiences in life that cannot be explained with anything other than music?

comments please

 Go There    2003-09-25 12:01:16 ET

 New Outkast    2003-09-20 10:50:38 ET
WOW!! The NEW Outkast CD is incredible... it's 2 CD's with one being Big Boi's and then one being Andre's which is the coolest thing I've ever heard of... they are both such amazing musicians and the way Big Boi raps is the way rap was meant to sound.

Andre's CD is a lot more musically driven whereas Big Boi's has the Older Outkast sound but so good. It's just incredible. It's called "SpeakerBoxxxxx" and is probably the best album they've released (even though both Stankonia and Aquemini were just incredible sounding).

So yeah... if you like Outkast then you will love this CD.
That's all.

 An Empty Glass of Himself...    2003-09-17 13:15:00 ET
A waste of space like no other
Tiring before you hit the ground
Your flame hungers for more and more
But was it really ever lit
In the end, we all go out
And when the time comes you will too
So see what you have and earn what you get
Don't continue to lose out in what you haven't been
And know that the time to go out has come again
Because life was really just a gift in the end
-"Candle Light Confession"

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