WTF Wakeup Call?    2002-10-10 09:45:21 ET
So guess who called my house at 11:45am? Channel 4 News. They want to INTERVIEW me. I'm scared.

In other news, I completely emptied my superficial DJ to make room for NEW, better shit. So exciting.

 I Hate America    2002-10-08 20:32:38 ET
I had the worst day of my entire life. Part of my reason why was on the news.

My teacher beat the shit out of my bestest buddy John. Kicked him in the face, threw him on the ground, had him by the neck....

BLAH. I'm having a bad day. I know someone sexxxy out there wants to cheer me up. ;)

 Punk Kats...So Effing Cute    2002-10-07 17:34:34 ET
I know you all love the White Stripes. I found this site, and I laughed for hours. Please enjoy.

I want to cut my hair mid-neck length. But I'm scared. So scared. Ekka went to bed, but she offered words of encouragement. It will be easier to spike, which I am dying to do. Whee, kids.

I'm going to The Big Spank's band practice tomorrow! WOOOOOO!

 Skivvie Shimmy and the SIRENS, rrwar    2002-10-07 11:57:43 ET
I just got home from school, and there's no one here. So I'm dancing in my skivvies! Join me!

Oh, and I have been instructed to deliever a big slurpy wet kiss to Sheen for naming my band. The Sirens of Titan. How RAD is that?

 Jacket = Found. Me = Tired.    2002-10-06 14:06:34 ET
I'm back from my semi-road trip down to Las Cruces. I didn't do much, except hang out with my sister and stuff. Oh, and I got drunk. Gotta love that.

I found my sexxxy jacket. Its all army style. Buck fifty, kids, gotta love that.

Yes, I want to start a band. A loud band. Too bad none of my friends (the few that I have) play instruments. Wah.

So, anyway, say hi to me or something. I need my Templeton. And my Sheeeenie Genie.

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