A Quest! For A Jacket! Its EXCITING!    2002-10-02 17:22:28 ET
I selfishly wanted to leave my 113 comments at the top, but I decided I'd leave a post, just to keep myself entertained. I decided its time for me to embark on a jacket making journey. Finding one at Good Will and royally fuck it up. I'm exciting. I'll update you when there are updates. ;) Scrumtralacent!

In other news, I made a new buddy icon today. It makes me laugh.


 Scrumtralacent    2002-09-30 17:00:29 ET
I was watching the "Best of Will Ferrell" this weekend, and he was doing a sketch of "Inside the Actor's Studio". He was interviewing an actor, and began to marvel about the film, saying he didn't know of a word to describe it. So he made one up. He said, "It was scrumtralacent."

Best word EVER.

In other news, I'm lonely. I think I need a pet. This bamboo just isn't keeping me company like it used to.

 I Am So Happy    2002-09-27 15:39:36 ET
I am so glad I joined Kathy's OUC website. It is so much fun. I have four IMs going right now with people who liked my tummy. This is so much fun. Even though I'm on page 101, people still notice me. YAY!

 Only Undies Club    2002-09-27 10:27:56 ET
I joined the Only Undies Club. Yes, yes. I stripped to my undies. Well, kind of. Its just a picture of me pulling off my shirt. Bwahahaha.

 Slap In the Fucking Face    2002-09-26 11:35:04 ET
How's this for a slap in the face? Lawrence, who has been showing intrest in me, declared to me that he was a virgin. I thought that was cute. Well, he retardedly left his wallet in my car. He had three condoms in there, and one empty condom wrapper. So much for that.


In happier news, my nose is SO HAPPY. It is no longer stiff around my nose ring, and it doesn't ache anymore. Yay for Dial soap.

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