Wooo!    2002-10-22 14:09:48 ET
Everyone listen to the radio, its Mofospider's show, and it fucking rocks. Punk warms my soul. *swoon*

On another note, I'm hungry. Someone make me dinner.

 My New Hair    2002-10-17 15:26:34 ET
Yes, I made a new gallery. Yes, that is my new haircut. No, I'm not a big fan of it. Thank god hair grows back.

 Byebye Jocelyn's Education    2002-10-15 11:30:00 ET
So, now I am at risk of being kicked out of my high school for calling the news. And so is Jonah, who also called the news. I HATE APS. So guess what I just did? I called the news again. EAT THAT AND LIKE IT!

 On The News Again    2002-10-14 16:06:07 ET
My school was on the news again. I did get called into the principals office today and bitched at for "calling the media". My bitch ass principal had the balls to tell me I had "no right" to call them.

HEY BITCH. I'd like to introduce you're ass to the CONSTITUTION. Amendment 1 secures my right to call them, and tell them. So shut up.

Me = Grouchy.

 Can't Sleep.    2002-10-10 22:57:09 ET
Another sleepless night. I better not be developing insomnia. I laid in bed for like two hours before I got bored and decided to get up and move around.

To occupy the time, I am now downloading massive amounts of music to keep me company in these lonely hours of the night.

Maybe I just need sexxx.

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