Guh    2004-07-27 10:02:45 ET
Oh yeah, I have an SK account.

So its been crazy up here with my aunt coming up back on Thursday (she left today) from Orlando for my mother's birthday. In summary: I'm driving down there next summer to stay for a week or so possibly with a friend or friends, I got to eat Filet Mignon for the second time in my life, my mom got smashed like twice, I got to talk cars with another person in my family besides my father, and I got candy out of the deal.

Good times.

So Glenn, Jeff and myself are going to see Tsunami Bomb Sunday night after I get off work seeing as its only 12 bucks. I think he was infected with a love of their music once began to Disgaea himself to death. Oh well. Anyways, he suggested that we carsh at Jeff's place, and hey: I enjoy a good carshing.

I need to find a new avatar out of my image directory. I chose the one I have now because its highly obscure, and no one knows what it is. Anyone care to guess? Nihil is excluded, of course.


 Put Out My Flames With Gasoline    2004-07-21 20:10:25 ET
You know what I love? Girls holding their camaras in the air, tilting the lens downward and taking pictures of their scowling faces. That's so fresh and original! Grimacing is just so sexy and attractive and makes me say to myself "Hey, this girl sure is an individual, just like every other fucking indie rocker, ever! I bet she has something to say to me about rebellion as well. I wonder if she'll share her photos of her torso with me."

     2004-07-21 19:28:19 ET
Holy fucking shit, I get 2 replies within 10 minutes of doing my test post. What a long way from Livejournal I am. Perhaps a SHODAN-esque post wasn't best way to start things off.

Alright, I figure the best way to introduce myself is to post my entry letter. Gonna come into this thing guns blazing and piss people off from the get-go.

"I was referred here by the ones known as Nihil and DefektivUnit. They seemed to think I was man enough for this here assignment. I initially held off on applying here, believing that I was totally not core enough for this. However, judging by the recent influx of sheer emo, I firmly believe you guys need me here to counterbalance the whining.

Name's Casey. Resident of south Chicago suburbs. I was born in Tennessee, I have had a mullet multiple times, and I enjoy working on my '89 Camaro.

These facts may or may not be related.

I have a computer, a huge black steel monolith, hewn from individual components by my own hands. I enjoy abusing the hell out of it performance-wise, and deciding each week what arcane symbols I need to carve into it with a dremel in attempt to summon Lovecraftian demons, although I would really just settle for one of those Japanese water imps that love cucumbers so much. My other interests include suckerpunching people in the cock for fun and profit, not sleeping, and devouring infants whole. The key to eating babies, of course, is to start with the feet.

I totally shot the sheriff.

I find the general population of people my age and younger to be hilarious. "Oh yeah, Holmes. Posting those song lyrics in your journal and trying so damned hard to bend their meaning to your breakup 3 years ago really shows me what a deep individual you are and how dark and complex your past was. Go read some Camus, you ass."

In summation, I am an arrogant cock. However, I will try my damndest to keep my arrogant cocktitude to a sheer minimum as that would be disrespectful to you, my gracious hosts. My presence here will bring great tidings, or at very least, ohhh, let's say ferrets. Yeah. My presence will bring tidings or ferrets.


I guarantee to all of you that I'll be banned inside of a week. I guess I better make the best of it.

 #1    2004-07-21 19:14:01 ET
Behold my glory, insects.

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