2002-05-10 15:43:36 ET

YAY the damn car show was to day... i really did not want to be there... but i was.. and i had to go through those giddy preppy people to get to my car way the fuck in the back at lunch cause amanda need her book... damn them all damn them all to Preppy hell

Life and junk
2002-05-08 13:44:02 ET

I only have 6 more days of school... and they cant be over too soon... I just want it over... hum... I wonder... I am hoping to move to Mesa and go to MCC then to Western New Mexico University after a year... yaya... I am moving in with amanda... that will be fun... :) really it will i am not being a smart ass this time... although i love sarcasm... I for got to take my meds this morning... and my nerves were missfiring all day... i hate that with a passion... ok... bye byes and stoned flutterbies..

2002-05-06 08:57:06 ET

Hey,,, damn to my stomach. i was on my way to school and guess what happened i through up on my car... Do you even know how gross that was to clean up...??? I was cleaning it then i through up again.... Ok i am better now though.... I graduate on the 23.... But i am out of there on the 17 yayayaya..... God i need a cigerette... ok i should go buy some then i wont be complaining.... I LOVE RIKKI!!!

la la la
2002-05-01 20:17:04 ET

Well my last entry was excessively boring,,, i dong have much else to say... so i am going to ramble:) ok... I only have 10 more school days,.. not counting weekends... yay... then i am graduating on the 23... yay... ok hum... I need a new life or somethihng... but yeah... ok i will tlak to you peoples later.

A little sexual frustration, combined with lack of motivation, and a loss of concentration, I got a
2002-05-01 18:17:07 ET

Hey hey!... i just got back from therapy... woo hoo... man my eyes burn... how goes it people.. i am just dandy. HUM!!!! So... i am just erratated with most folks but thats normal... ok bye bye

Life as i know it
2002-04-29 20:20:35 ET

Bah to drama... teens create so much drama its not even funny... hum... People are involved in there only little bubble and they cant even comprehend what is really going on in this world of ours... I wish i could go around with a needle and pop their bubbles but that would not work because damn the bubbles are only spiritual ones.. though i wish it was not so fake... people dont understand that you dont have to fit in to a "click" you dont have to be preppy, goth, skater, freak, punk, exc... you can be you and it really does not matter if you dont fit in to a social group... you can really be different like everybody else... and not be diffrent "like" everbody else... dose any one understand what i am saying?

2002-04-27 19:16:39 ET

Ok.. yes my head fucking hurts.. but hey i will live... unless its a tumor... and i die... that would suck... heheh.. love the humor of it all... hum... i need to lose my pot "virginity" kelly says so.. so hum... i will just need someone to do it with... dont know.... hum.. ok bye byes and stoned butterflies

2002-04-25 15:34:32 ET

Hey peopels... i am going to another prom... my buddy jessicas.. that could be fun... ayay... rikki jessica and i... we could have hella fun... yaya... i am going to look so damn cool yaya... so..hum de dum.. i dont know.. I need someting... i want kelly to not be grounded... cause she lives out in th boonies and I cant make it with my car... and she got hers taken away... thats the only thing she is grounded from... ok bye bye

Showers are your friend
2002-04-23 19:06:29 ET

The wonders of a hot shower... i feel great...well better... I need to get drunk or something.... that whould be fun... cause i do need to HELP!!!
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2002-04-22 18:19:23 ET

I feel all the hate in side
and the way it cuts my face
the mirror always lies to me
and I cant keep the pace

You seem to always laugh and stare
Even though you never tried
To even know or even care
Who the person I am in side

Life seems to pass so quickly
and though I dont want to stop
I wish i could not feel so sickly
and I wish that I could just go away

Ok... hum... that sucked... what do you think... bye bye
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