2002-11-18 09:25:08 ET

I'm so excited! I'm preparing to get back into college. On the agenda, I got:
-Intro to Philosophy
-Intro to Printmaking
-Intro to Life Drawing
-Intro to Sculpture (or)
-Critical Thinking/Objective writing

I really want to get down with printmaking. That's something I've always been fascinated with. Talking to that guy at the Eyedea show and seeing the silkscreen prints he put on shirts really inspired me. That's what it's all about-inspiration, leading to innovation.

Aiight...time to get a haircut and head on down to the college. Let us all pray that a very attractive asian/brunette female drum-and-bass pothead spots me, finds me desirable, and proceeds to talk to me, and soon, finds that we have everything in common, which leads to making an arrangement to go to a bar later on, where we get tipsy, then get touchy-feely, then proceed to go back to my house and smoke some pot and talk for a long time, and get touchy-feely again, and go to sleep, and wake up with a cloudy grey sky hanging low.

"You cannot petition the lord with prayer!" Blah blah.

God, I'm really liking this Slug and Murs album "a tribute to Christina Ricci." Nice production.

Okay, lame post. I'm out. Peace.


2002-11-16 11:54:22 ET

This shit is so fucking hilarious! Read the second one first! Funny comics!
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2002-11-16 10:17:19 ET

I love helicopters! I love the doppler effect, like when a police car speeds by and the siren sounds like it's decreasing in tone the further away it goes. The beautiful sound of trains! All praises to the noise of modern life!

I have this shirt with a Raymon Pettibon graphic on it, and it reads "whenever I see a train, I want to take it in my arms." I identify with that.

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