Last night, today, forever
2002-11-11 12:43:10 ET

These punk girls who live next door to me are always causing trouble. That's okay, as long as they don't fuck with my cat.

So, I went with my best friends Erika and Josh, as well as Wendy and another Josh, to see Eyedea & Abilities, Grouch, and J-Live down in LA last night. Had tickets in hand ready to go, trying to look flashy and what-not, and the fucking skinhead bodyguard wouldn't let Wendy in 'cause she looked faded. Wendy always looks faded, in a really cool way. And it is true that we had been smoking chronic and what-not, but fuck, we had pockets full of idiot money to spend at the bar, so I didn't understand. Too bad 'cause Eyedea's really good. We met some cool people in the parking lot who also got denied for dumb reasons such as no ID (flyer said all-ages), or the same "one person from your little crew of 7 lookes too faded. The other six of you can go in, but the one can't."

I met a cool guy who does silkscreen prints and mural pieces and what-not. Once again another lovable individual from Northern California. He said he's in OC a lot doing shows, so I'm gonna check him out. Nice conversation revolving around art, but in the perfect sort of way so as not to turn into a shmoozy name-game thing. That's why I love hip-hop shows; you always meet really cool, calm people with open ideas.

OH YO...found an apt! It's right down the street. It's gonna work out nicely, I can tell. The landlord seemed really cool. It's a complex, but it's big. And it's only $810, with $710 being our first month 'cause she's giving a discount 'cause we so damn nice! She even fucking offered to buy us some vegetarian pizza if we move some furniture! I'm saying hell yeah and WTF and doing a little grunty "Huh" with my face all scrunched up.

Don't forget that today comemorates the fact people died for the sake of arguements. Also, families who live in over-crowded refugee camps under tents with little food and much hassle pose the biggest threat to world peace.

If you have read this far, thanks! Have a splendid day!

2002-11-07 16:14:01 ET

Mmm...yes, wine. Chianti, aged from the drool year 1995, is what I'm drinking. Believe it or not, I got it for the bargain price of $3.99! Normally this shit goes for at least $4.75! Wow!

Yo, I'm a bargain hunter for real. I don't give a fuck about anything name-brand. There's always a generic cure. I'm like all into 99 cent stores and Big Lots and shit like that...fucking swap meets, thrift stores. I mean, I maintain...I'm not all fucking out-dated, but if not for these bargaining skillz I possess, I probably would be. I make my own food, find my own clothes, mow my fuckin lawn...I hate conveinence-oriented people; they seriously make me fucking sick.



Aceyalone lyrics
2002-11-05 20:05:29 ET

Hold on is what they say
But I say open up your hands and let it fly away
Until the day it comes back and it was meant to be
Take a look at the lovely gift the world has sent to me
Don't suffer - you got to maintain
The rougher the storm gets, the more they complain
They don't aim
They shoot sporadaically
Panicky and so dramatically
He ran frantically
Summarized by the look in his eyes
He couldn't hold on after one too many tries

He held on tight
He put his arm around it and he squeezed with all his might
Don't fight
You should let it go
And sooner than you think it will be right back at your door
Open it up if your open up to learn
Got your head between your legs, hoping it returns
They're not concerned
They're so continuous
No matter what my opinion is it\'s all strenuous
Summarized by the look in his eyes
He couldn't hold on after one too many tries

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