El-P lyrics
2002-10-29 03:13:24 ET

So you purchased a paternal unit, class A type 1
A new addition to your living room space, watch it go
Under warranty for at least 90 days, so have fun
If in that time frame there's a problem, please let us know
Before you start there's a few details that you must learn
Technical specs about your unit to make things run smooth
In an effort to find an energy source our company's learned
The cheapest way to keep his battery running is with booze
Plug it in, give it a name, man of the house, help sustain
Wear the pants, you can relax, one of the pack, nucular fam
Brings us to the safety chapter
Section 87 in your handbook subsection 16 entitled
Fuel sources are at a slight risk of mixing
With the crispy plutonium center
Of your automated new spouse and then driven
Possibly leading to the unpredicted stimulation of its artificial emotion circuits
And in a few unsubstantiated clinical trials this condition
has led to simulated feelings of resentment and worthlessness
Manifested in the highly unlikely but still possible act
of physical aggression towards you and your loved ones fleshy surfaces

Remember, no cash returns
Only credits towards future purchases

2002-10-23 18:57:49 ET

So yes, once again, I'm feeling very okay right now. Me and my best friend Josh went out to this one hang out called "Big Slice" and had some pizza and a couple pitchers of Anchor Steam beer. I love cooling out with a friend and being casual while having nice conversation.

I come home and (not to much suprise) there's drama. I seriously don't know why the fuck people have got to be so spontaneously emotional. Whatever.

Regardless, I feel nice. I got El-P playing loud, doing this journal.

I went out last night to the D&B club down the street. It was packed. Tech Itch rocked shit. I had a really good time. I love dancing all night long. I've met this friend Tracy. She's fun to hang out with. She hung out at my house the other night and we had some really good conversation on different things.

Here's a really good news site:

Anyway, I would like to smoke some pot now.

on yet another blissful cloudy day
2002-10-21 13:29:14 ET

I'm sitting here, drinking all my friends' Smirnoff Ice (I normally don't vouch for this stuff, unless it's early in the morning...Smirnoff Ice with breakfast food is really good), on yet another blissful cloudy day.

I got some very loud Drum and Bass playing (some Ice Minus, Konflict, Source Direct, Genotype, Ed Rush/Optical...just in case someone wants to check the sound).

I'm browsing the internet, checkin' shit out, trying to find a software synth that can produce some tight sounds, while searching for a tasty meal recipe for me and my family. Ideas for either of these items is encouraged!

My nose is runny. I was playing with some animals today at a house where me and my friend were assembling furniture for some extra cash. I wish I didn't have allergies...I would love to have a couple creatures lurking. I think fish are my only safe bet, and that's alright with me. I love looking at fish; they seem to vibe on psychic waves.

All in all, I feel very content. I will miss this house.



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