Ha ha!    2009-02-04 14:42:55 ET


 Reason #177 why I hate Missouri    2009-01-31 09:19:55 ET
My poor car, suffering in the snow and ice!

Disclaimer: There may or may not be a prior 176 reasons why I hate Missouri.

 Things could be worse...    2009-01-08 21:26:37 ET
Someone could be selling my coffin on ebay: http://music.yahoo.com/read/news/61942135
Wow, this man is a douchebag of the highest order, he reminds me of Ted William's son, the one who had him frozen and was attempting to make money off this fact somehow. And yet, it is still oddly funny, there's a headline you don't see everyday.
Ah ebay, where people can sell used clothing and coffins and yet, cannot sell human body parts and historical Third Reich militaria if there are any swastikas visable.
And segways are fun, I will be posting some auctions this weekend, I am selling my cache of Gothic and Lolita Bibles from Japan and the remainder of my Gothic Beauty magazine collection. You buy now, err, you buy later!

 Because I needed a good laugh...    2008-12-25 21:49:13 ET

Kittens make everything better, all the world's problems could be solved if the leaders of nations would just give each other kittens. ;p
One of my closest friends, Damian, was robbed earlier this week. Wow, way to celebrate the holidays and ring in the new year. Honestly, Damian is one of the nicest, sweetest people I have ever met and to know something like this has happened to him is just disgusting. Why are some people such scumbags? I know the psychological factors that go into making people into criminals but, bloody hell, it was right before Christmas, can you be anymore of a prick? If I had any faith in humanity remaining, this would have shaken it, thankfully, I am bitter and disillusioned and have come to expect no better from people. And people wonder why I am a cynical misanthrope, well, I assume people wonder why anyways.
I have been robbed before, it is a horrible feeling, that sense of violation, if I could, I would hunt the unter menschen down and stab him/her/them in the spine, and they would have to hope the next place they rob has a wheelchair ramp. And I wouldn't feel a thing, I do not care, these people are useless, they live viral existences, and they do not deserve anything better. I do not expect anyone to agree with me, I realize that my words are harsh but sometimes, we just need to lash out...verbally, not physically mind you. Ugh, enough, I need to find something else to chuckle at.
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 Holiday gifts to myself!    2008-12-22 21:18:55 ET
Because of the last hellish month, I deserve it. ;p

Both are vintage dresses from the 40's. Thank goodness I am between a 6-8, sometimes 4 depending on the designer, I can only imagine the living hell more curvacious ladies have with finding vintage clothing that fits! And I was able to get both dresses for $40 combined, fantabulous!

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