21st Birthdays    2004-01-26 11:42:04 ET
To start off this entry, I have to wish my bestest(and I meant to say bestest, spelling kaisers!) friend in the entire world, Luciferette, a Happy 21st Birthday! You all remember your 2lst birthdays right, I do, ah, it was last year in fact, I did absolutely nothing, yep, nothing at all. Sad, yes I know this, but than I do not really like going out and being around the general public. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

     2004-01-25 19:31:37 ET
Allo. I could say so many relevant things, what with this being my first entry and all, but instead, I will simply do what everyone does in their journal, talk about their problems and/or issues. First off, since I got this account on Tuesday, things have not been altogether positive for me. That night, I feel ill with the flu, and a nasty little virus it has been. I had to work the next day, since at Hot Topic, it is incredibly difficult to call in sick, since you have to go through the troublesome business of calling people, pleading with them to take your shift, and of course, with only three other associates working with me, and it being before noon, I was not able to get ahold on any of them. Finally, Cherie, the assnt manager, got an associate from another HT to cover for me. That night was spent vomitting, yes, fun stuff indeed and the next day was spent lying in bed, being miserable. On top of that, I had to work the whole weekend, all three days, while being sick. I have no one to blame, except myself, and Lars, and Katrina, just kidding dears, you know I adore you, really. Fortunately, I feel better today, and I am sure you are all happy about that. Well, I shall leave it at this for the time being, I will have another update tomorrow, hopefully, one never knows with me. Ta.

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