Friday the 13th    2004-02-13 13:29:18 ET
We went to Perversions last night, it was fun, I suppose. It was not nearly as good as Das Bunker, their music selections were not the best, and the dance floor was on the smallish side, if there is one thing I hate when I am dancing, it is bumping into other people which I did a few times last night. The highlight of my evening is when this cyber girl asked me if she could buy me a beer, to which I politely declined, being that I dislike beer and alcohol of any kind. Yes, I am straight edge, I await your poking of fun at me.
I have to work this entire weekend, both closing shifts, which is not too bad since we close earlier on the weekends. Though I have it in my mind that I may be quitting this job soon, I require a job which will pay me more and have better hours, as in more hours. Actually, I kind have had some more hours today, they needed someone to work 5-10 but I already had plans for the evening that I was not about to break off so they could help out the store in Cerritos. Ah well, I do not know how much longer I will be working there anyways. You know it is bad when you reminisince about when you worked at Macy's at 30 hours a week, making more and getting paid weekly. ::Shudders:: I suddenly feel so dirty.
Tonight we are supposed to go see Babyland and some other bands I have not heard of, I am apprehensive, the last few times, Babyland's opening acts have been frighteningly bad, perhaps tonight they will be better, they had better be. ::Shakes fist::
Today is Friday the 13th, I do not know how it began that Friday the 13th gained such a reputation, nothing remotely unpleasant has ever happened to me on this day, it just proves how paranoid and superstitious people are. If anything bad happens, you will all be the first to hear about it. Ta for now.
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     2004-02-07 18:01:43 ET
Eh, I am all tired today, and sore. Das Bunker was great last night, as it always is, but since I had not been to a club in three weeks, my body had to readjust again. Ah well, it was worth it. I was quite excited that they played Ministry, clubs playing bands I admire always please me.
I had to work today, it was not so bad, except that one of my managers, Cherie, is sick. Why is everyone getting sick and making me paranoid?! FYI, those of you that do not know me, I do have a slight, very slight germ concern, I wash my hands constantly and I never shake hands or hug anyone unless I know them well, and even than... ::Does so so motion with hand:: It was cute today though, this little girl, who could not have been more than seven, came up to me and told me I looked cool, and that I was beautiful. LOL, not quite as flattering coming from a young female child, but still, it is nice to hear. Alright, I admit, sometimes, very rarely, kids can be slightly not irritating. But if you tell anyone, I will deny I ever said it!
I am debating wether or not to abandon my LiveJournal, I have not updated it in almost two months, I have simply lost interest and I am sure some other unfortunate soul might appreciate the space to create their own LJ, you know, until they realize that LiveJournal is just part of the massive coporate conspiracy with their endless quest of trying to control us all. Oh yes, I know what I am talking about. ::Nods knowingly:: Heh, just kidding....maybe.

 HollyWood Nights    2004-02-06 12:25:39 ET
Yesterday was interesting. Lars, Katrina, and I went down to Pomona to go to the army surplus store they had been telling me about. You see, I felt the sudden urge to go and get some goggles, it had been eating away at me for a couple of weeks, and I decided to do something about it. I did not find anything that tickled my fancy until we went to a thrift store and I found spiffy ones, black with blue lenses, Lars was rightfully jealous. We decided after that we would go on to Hollywood, to Melrose, to visit the small boutiques that line the streets but none of us knew how to get there from Pomona so we went on a quest to find public internet access that finally led us to a cyber cafe that was full of noisy, pre-adolescent boys playing computer games. As it always seems, one of the boys inquired wether or not I was Lar's girlfriend. He also liked my coffin purse as well. Needless to say, we found our directions and after an hour of suffering in traffic, we made it to Melrose. Unfortuanately, we did not get too much time there because most of the stores were closing or in the process of closing since it was about 7:00pm. We did end up getting to see the places we wanted though. Shrine was lovely, though terribly overpriced, their Lip Service stuff was at least $10 more expensive than the clothing Lippy sells on it's own website, I was a tad annoyed by that but obviously, people still buy the clothing, or else they would not be able to do that. We also went to Retail Slut, which was not nearly as interesting as I thought it would be, though it was not without it's charms. We will have to go back earlier or during the weekend, when more things are open. Oh, and when we all have more money. We ended up going to Amoba music which was awesome, I was determined to find something they did not have. I failed though, since the only thing I thought they might not have, they did have, just not at that current time, oh, so close! ::Snaps fingers:: I did end up buying a couple of cds, RevCo and Skinny Puppy, I was pleased.
All in all, it was a nice evening, though you do come to a realization that window shopping is only so much fun, I really need to have more money! ~_^

     2004-02-02 13:03:26 ET
Yea, I think I am almost all better now, huzzah! Just a few remnants of my illness remain for which I am thankful for. That means I can go to Das Bunker this week, good for me. I apologize for not updating in a few days, you will come to realize I do that often, sometimes I simply cannot think of something to say.
On other notes, at Hot Topic, we made our plan for the holiday period and so we each got a bonus. Yep, a bonus, a gift certificate, for $30.00, good at ::drum roll:: our own store. Yeah, that's right, we got a gift certificate for our own store. Am I the only one who thinks that is a bit strange? I mean, it is nice and everything, there are things that I currently desire, but still, it is for our own store! Ah well, I am probably the only one thinks that is weird. Other people are probably like "Why are you complaining about that, are you daft, fucking A, I would love a gift certificate for doing my job!" Yes well, shut up. ~_^
In the next week or so, I am planning on posting some auctions on ebay, I need the money, for what some curious souls ask, why, for a pair of Storm Elevator boots from Pennangalan. Yep, $200 for a pair of boots, people are amazed when I tell them that, ah, but they are well made boots and are all awesome like. Ha, that was an alliteration, neat. I am also planning on buying a new dress, for no other reason than I feel that I need a new dress. Is it just me or do people confuse need with want far too often, there are few things we really need in life, food, water, a roof over our heads, most everything else is a desire, which there is nothing wrong with, desire is what makes the world go round, it makes the economy go, it is a wonderful thing!

 Pictures!    2004-01-28 13:36:42 ET
FYI, I added some pictures to my gallery, they are of myself and my best friend Luciferette at Anime Festival Orlando, taken last summer when I visited her in Florida. For reference, I am the shorter girl wearing the dreads, I would certainly hate to confuse anyone unintentionally. Luci is quite into cosplay and I am getting that way as well, I have several cosplays planned for when Anime Expo comes around again this summer.
I am feeling especially under the weather today, just when I think I may be getting better, grr. At least I have till Saturday off, hopefully that will be time enough for me to recuperate completely. And people wonder why I am so paranoid, err, concerned when it comes to germs.
As I was walking home yesterday though, some idiot drove by and yelled out his window, "Psycho Bitch!" at me. Sometimes I wonder what drives a person to yell such narrow minded and ignorant drivel out their windows, I suppose in their opinions, it is the perfect crime, since it is a fast getaway, and no punishment. I generally receive catcalls and guys asking me if I want rides, rarely do people hurl uncreative insults my way. Of course, if it were up to me, I would probably kill anyone who looked at me cross eyed but that is beside the point. I am always tolerant of other people, no matter what my personal opinion of them may be, I wish others would afford me the same courtesy but I suppose that is expecting too much of people and that is something I quit doing years ago. Ah well, as always, human stupidity annoys me but there is little I can do about it, save ignore it and not give them the pleasure of acknowledging their little feat of idiocy.

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