Yea!    2004-04-07 15:02:11 ET
I just thought I would post a small entry today! One negative is that my shift at HT got cancelled today, I have to take the bus and was halfway there when they called. Needless to say, I was a smidge annoyed but ah well, I did not really want to work today and besides, it does rid me of any pesky transportation problems. Though I do wish I would have been given more ample warning that we were slow, I am a bit pissy about that. Oh, and if you read this Lars dear, you do not have to bother to pick me up today, thanks anyways. *hugs*
Oh, I am pleased about one thing though, I won the Automatom Window Skirt that I have wanted for months, and for only $46.05, new, never worn, what a deal! *many little hearts floating around me*<3 If anyone is interested, here is the ebay auction I won:
Sigh, well, I suppose I am done for the time being, ta for now! ^_^

 Yikes!    2004-04-06 14:03:30 ET
I must once again apologize. (I seem to do that a lot, what does that say about my character!) I have gone quite a bit without updating once again but at least I have a valid excuse, no, really, I do! I have been working practically everyday lately, by the time I get home, I am simply too tired to post anything. I am working the amount of hours I used to at Macys, I am simply working more days, so my body has to get used to it since lately I have been experiencing some lingering exhaustion due to only having two days off a week now. Ah, spring break, I remember when I was in school and this actually meant something to me, now all it means is I get more hours at work, which is good, since I get more money as well. But here is an unpleasant issue, my father has announced that he no longer is willing to pick me up when I have closing shifts. I work till ten pm those nights and since he has to get up early in the morning, he has found those shifts distasteful and has directly refused to pick me up that late anymore. Hmm, I guess I will be hitchhiking home tomorrow night, if you watch Unsolved Mysteries in a few months, I will probably be on there. Heh, just joking, but seriously, now I have to ask whoever is closing with me to take me home, I hate doing that, it is part of my whole issue with not liking asking for help, ask anyone who knows me, it is true. Ah well, maybe I can entice someone on here to give me a ride home, any takers...anyone, please? ::Looks all cute::
Anyways, I am glad I get paid on Friday, this is my last fun paycheck, I have to start saving money up for Anime Expo after this, most of my checks will be going for that, sigh, no more splurging on clothes and manga. I can still buy stuff, in moderation, argh, I dislike that phrase, it means nothing positive to me. I am planning on going to Hollywood this Saturday with friends, so I can spend said paycheck on clothing that I probably do not really need but want anyways. Well, I suppose that is one of the perks of being young and unbound to anything or anyone, you can waste large sums of money on frivlous things.
And in closing, I thought I would mention, I am really getting tired of The Darkness, you know, that British band that has swept the nation with it's catchy rock song, "I believe in a thing called love." Please, just stop, now. We play it several times a week at Hot Topic, and I am just growing weary, the novelty is gone with me now, how much longer can people be intrigued by this? And has anyone ever seen these guys, they are unattractive, with really bad teeth, especially the lead singer, who is trying desperately to resemble Freddy Mercury. Heh, just thought I would rant a tad, no entry is complete with a complaint or ten. Ta for now!

     2004-03-24 14:46:00 ET
Das Bunker on Friday was awesome. Regretfully, I did not pay much attention to the bands at all, I seem to do that often. Instead I spent my time conversing with people which that night, appealed to me more than dancing or listening to live bands. It all depends on my mood I suppose. My friend Jeff was supposed to go with us but his mother took ill so he had to cancel, ah well, perhaps next time. I have not done much since than, it has all been relatively boring lately, thusly, my reason for not posting. People at work are taking ill, which is disturbing me and my germ concern, I am not paranoid, people really must stop saying that. ::Coughs:: What? Why is everyone so quiet?
I have had the last three days off, fitting since I have to work the next four, it balances, yeah, well, not really. On Friday, we plan to see Dawn of the Dead which several people have told me was good, reliable sources too, I cannot wait. Hopefully, I will be able to go to Hollywood this weekend, even though I have to work, I get paid on Friday and this is my last paycheck for which I can splurge on, since I have to save my money for anime cons and my cosplays! I am planning on ordering a Jrock cosplay soon, I wonder if I can commision someone to make one for me, since there is a certain Dir en Grey cosplay I want that I cannot seem to find on any cosplay site. If anyone knows of anyone on here, please tell me! Alright, I shall leave it at this for right now, ta! Oh, I almost forgot, our website is up, please check it out if you want to see some of myself's and my best friend Luciferette's anime/manga inspired artwork!

 Odds and Ends    2004-03-16 17:03:57 ET
Alas, I have been neglecting my journal,for shame. I apologize for that, I have not felt like writing lately. Well, I worked today, I have been getting more hours lately, which makes me happy, I need cosplay money, plus I need to save up for Anime Expo and my trip to Florida, plus I desire a few other misc items of clothing. I saw Dan today! He came into the store, he made me hug him, not like I really minded too much, he is one of the few people I actually like hugging, he is all adorable. We traded phone numbers, so hopefully, we will get together sometime. I am looking forward to Das Bunker on Friday, even though the cover is $10, ah well, we get to see two live performances so it should be worth it. And I get to take a virgin soul with me as well, my friend Jeff, who has never been to a gothic club, oh, the joy. This weekend was fun, I went out with my friend Shia on Saturday, we went to Little Tokyo, actually, we spent most of the time lost, since neither of us have a sense of direction. I bought a few new manga at KinoKuniya Bookstore and later, when we were back in Orange County, we went out to eat at this place called Oki Dokki, ha, cute name, but the food was great! Than, on Sunday, I watched movies with Lars and Kat, Cabin Fever and Suspiria, one of the all time classic visual horror movies of all time. Than on Monday, we watched the Serpent and The Rainbow, a movie none of us had ever seen, I think that is a first for us. Well, I shall leave it at this for the time being, have a pleasant St. Patty's day and all that, don't do anything I wouldn't do, and have a designated driver! ~_^

     2004-03-03 12:17:24 ET
I must apologize for not updating for awhile, I just have not had anything altogether interesting to say lately, odd for me, since I can usually think of something at least slightly attention grabbing. Actually, I do not have much to say today either. I have started looking for a new job, alas, as much as I like working at HT, I need to be making more money, many things I have to save up for in the next few months, my cosplays, Anime Expo, and going to Florida to see my best friend and her husband before they move to England....lucky bastards....just kidding, they know I love them. ~_^ Of course, neither event is happening till summer but it is already March, wow, I had not realized how much time had passed but than I never had a firm grasp on time as it is, well, unless I am bored and time seems to slow down at an achingly slow crawl. Sadly, I am often bored, I do not have a car, and I am not into anything outdoors, or rather, anything that takes place when the sun is out, I have rather fair skin that is easily burned and when one has worked as hard as I have to keep their pallor, I am not about to let the sun ruin that!
I also have no money, this seems to be a constant theme in my life, I do not work much, I only get paid every two weeks, a bad combination. I fear I may have to get a full time job if I am to be able to move out, something I do not wish to do, I like having time to myself, when I do not get said time, I tend to be a tad grumpy, which is never a good thing.
I am curious to know someone else's opinion, is calling someone dear or love sound condescending, I have been told that it does, but I use the terms often towards people that I like, I do not figure it has any negative meaning, though with me, one never knows.

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