Cuteness!    2004-02-26 14:48:31 ET
If ever you wanted to see kittens dressed as soldiers dancing to industrial music, well, your prayers have been answered!

 Danger Ahead    2004-02-25 16:29:45 ET
Allo all! I thought I would write a short post, detailing an eventful day at work. First off, it is supposed to rain today, since this is California, the news is all over this. The entire East Coast of the country could separate from the rest of the continent and still, they would be going on about the weather. Understandable since it is Southern California and we rarely, if ever, get rain here, but come on, enough is enough, it is getting ridiculous now. Sigh, I just had to put in a mini rant, I am sorry. Anyways, I do not have an automobile so I have to rely on public transportation to get me from point A to point B, the bus. I have to leave my house early, in order to get to work on time which generally results in me getting to the mall I work early, forcing me to sit in the food court in pure boredom. I did not bring a novel to read as I usually do, since I did not want to ruin my new book by getting it wet. It did not rain so I sat there, playing a bowling game on my cell phone. I also had to drag my umbrella with me, which was something else to worry about. Turns out, I did not have to use the damn thing all day! Oh, and work was grand. First off, I was unusually klutzy, I nearly fell off a ladder and when I was trying to find a pair of shoes, a box of Converse came crashing down and whacked me in the face, my nose to be exact. There is now a lovely little bruise there, reminding me of that fact. If someone tells you a box of Converse can't hurt you, they are lying. Oh, and when I was folding some shirts, I yanked one that was stuck in the pile and boom, an ink tag whacks me on the finger. That smarted for quite awhile, I kept rubbing my finger and shaking my hand. I had no idea till today how dangerous the workplace is, a person could really hurt themselves.
Ha, I am sure I have amused you all throughly with my clumsiness, so I shall take myself and my wounded dignity and bid you good day!

 Concerns    2004-02-23 12:37:33 ET
Argh! I worked all weekend, which was good and bad. I was slightly annoyed when I was given a verbal warning about not putting enough energy into my closing shifts, which in of itself is silly, since it is after the store is closed and their are no customers. I overheard a discussion between two of the managers and I would have put forth my opinion if I thought they would have cared. The discussion had something to do with transferring clearance, a pair of shoes that cost $6.00 or so, it would cost $15.00 to transfer. One of the managers made the assitance that they had to, being that Hot Topic is all about the customers. I felt that that line of thinking was naive. Yes, Hot Topic is a customer centric company but a the same time, it is a business first and formost, it is not the customers that come first, it is the bottom line. If doing something is not fiscally beneficial in some way, than it should not be done. That is just my opinion, I could be wrong....but I doubt it. ~_^
I have no money right now, I shall have none until Friday, and I am still concerned that I am going to have to get another job to be able to afford all of the things I want, and I want to be able to move out sooner rather than later. I do not know how many places are actually hiring right now, much less if they are hiring for the amount of hours I want to work, hopefully, I will be able to find something that will not drive me insane. Yes, I generally have the same concerns on a week by week basis, I have gotten used to that fact by now.
Oh, and I thought I would mention, I shall not be able to go to Release the Bats on Friday, I have to close till 10:00, I am sure I will be disinterested in going after closing. The first closing shift I have gotten during the weekdays and it would have to be that Friday. Sigh, such is my luck at times. >_<;

 Argh!    2004-02-19 14:52:56 ET
Feh, Hot Topic cut my Friday shift since they do not have any hours for the week so now I am not working till Saturday. ::Mutters:: I am getting tired of this, I do not work much there anyways, 14 to 15 hours a week and to cut a five hour shift off that? Damn Hot Topic!
On a lighter note, I drew three pictures last night, which is more than I have drawn in probably six months. And there are discussions about me going to college, something about my father paying for it. Hmm, I believe I will take them up on it, at least that it would give me something to do when I am not working, which is often right now.
Well, that was my short rant, I hope it was enjoyed by all.

     2004-02-18 11:14:26 ET
Ah, another boring day off. Though admittadly, the time to myself is nice, it seems lately I have not had too much of that. I am by nature a solitary individual, you know, the lone wolf alone type, I have few friends, for some reason, I am considered a difficult person to get along with for an extended period of time, I have no idea why. ~_^
All I have been doing today is lazily surfing the web and singing random bars from "London Calling" by the Clash. Just so you know, I often start singing random songs, it does not seem to matter wether or not I like the band, it is whatever comes into my head at the time. Sometimes it is influenced by something I hear or read, today I read the line "Down by the river!" and it reminded me of London Calling. I doubt many of you will ever know me personally so consider yourselves lucky not to be the ones victimzed by my singing. ^^
I have come to the stunning revelation lately that not having money sucks, yes, this is something no one else but I realize, this greater knowledge of the nature of things. Yes, I know that is completely false, leave me to my delusions please, thank you. Anyways, it seems that I always am harboring the desire to posses something, and I never have near enough money to afford said things. Though even with my weak willed approach to shopping, I have never spent more than I actually have. I believe this comes from a fear of being in debt to anyone that I have, it makes me plain uncomfortable to owe anyone anything, it always has been this way. People tell me their stories like "Oh, I am $700 in debt right now." and they say it so non-chalantly that it boggles my mind. Maybe they just do not have any perspective on how this will effect their future endeavors such as home owning and other such things. Of course, most of them are around my age and your early twenties are the time when most people tend to attack things with little or no thought to what possible consequences it may have. Sometimes, I wish I was more like that, acting with such glorious abandon, but than I realize that I will be sitting quite pretty in about ten years because I was so careful. Of course, anything can happen in ten years.
Well, I am done for the time being. I will be going to Das Bunker on Friday, I hope to see some of you there. Come and say allo to me. Ta for now!
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