Skinny Puppy!    2004-05-21 16:23:32 ET
Allo! Just thought I would add a quick update. Well, today, I finally did something I have been meaning to do for quite awhile now, I got my hair redyed. When it got to the point that people were telling me "Wow, I did not know you were really blonde!" generally said with a measure of amazement, I thought it was time. I also finally got the skirt I had been waiting for, I won it on ebay a couple of weeks ago and just got it today. And the seller sent it to me through first class mail, no wonder it took so long, what did she do with the shipping money I sent her? Ah well, at least I got it, and it is cute, it is from the Lip Service "At Your Service" Line, the long pvc olive drab pencil skirt. Not a good idea to wear if you plan to dance though, not to mention even thinking of wearing during the summer! Yesterday, I bought my tickets to see Skinny Puppy on July 4th! I decided to do so early because I tend to procrastinate, I either do things quite early or quite late. Though I am curious, has any one else gotten tickets, or plan to, I would like to go with someone! Thanks!

     2004-05-19 22:40:38 ET
So, the 'rents are out of town for the day, well, I probably should say they were out of town yesterday. They went to Vegas, with plans to strike it rich...yeah...not too realistic but hey, as long as they are having fun and not hurting too many people, I am fine with it. I did nothing today except talk to Luciferette online for many an hour, than talked to my friend Jeff for about 45 minutes, about anime and other such things. Than I happily indulged myself and watched Petshop of Horrors, a gorgeous, involving anime that I suggest anyone who is a fan of anime watch if for no other reason than to stare in awe at the lovely artwork! I watched the subtitled original Japanese version, I tend to prefer that, unless the dub is exceptional. Right now, I am watching Inu Yasha, ah, so much anime, splendid! And no, I am not obsessed or anything...well...maybe a teeny bit. I think obsession gets a bad rap anyways, what is wrong about being extra passionate about something? Yes, I know, a rather kind way of putting it. I need to get my hair redyed before I go back to work, too much of my natural color is showing and I simply cannot have that! I have not been able to hang out with any of my friends lately, since Lars and Kat left. Hopefully, I will be able to go to Chamber on Sunday, since I will not be able to go to Bunker on Friday! >_<;

     2004-05-15 10:12:11 ET
Hmm, you know, when I really think about it, I am one of the few people I know who could be perfectly content being by myself most of the time, as long as I have my pursuits and a computer, I could be perfectly happy. I do not know what that says about me and my enviornment, but I have always been that way. I could never understand when people were lamenting over never having friends, or being lonely, I rarely, if ever, get lonely, my imagination is such that I can amuse myself for hours on end. That is either a good thing or a bad thing, I have not decided yet. Maybe, because I do not pursue friendships generally, I am missing out on something grand, but alas, I cannot be certain. By nature, I am a solitary individual, the lone wolf alone type. Heh, yes, I meant to say it that way. It is not that I do not need friends, humans are social creatures, that is out nature, we are no different than animals in that respect, most of which spend their times in social groups, just as we do. Ah well, none of this has any true importance or relevance, I just thought I would mention it since it came to mind recently.
Other than those thoughts, not much has been happening in my world. I have just been working and planning for my trip to Florida in July, I have actually been saving money, I know, amazing yeah, who ever thought I could do that? The only thing that I really need or want right now is a vinyl corset, I could probably get one for less than $100 so I am not too concerned about that. I have not been getting many hours at Hot Topic again, only 13 hours next week, 13! One of the newbies is getting more hours than me, that's just ridiculous! I am getting weary of this already, I defintely need to find a job where I get more hours, even if it means I must work full time and at a job that is not so liberal with the way I chose to dress. Though I am a bit concerned about the difficulty all my other friends are having with finding jobs, though I do have more and better experience than them, working with two large retail entities since '02, with nothing but positive feedback about my service to them. Hopefully, it will not be too difficult to get a new job, I probably only will if they do not give me the time off to see my friend in July, because after that, we enter the busy time where I will be insured of more hours. Argh, there is always something going on with my life that irritates me! Alright, I think I am done ranting for the time being, and I am sure you are tired of of reading it, heh. ~_^

 Feh!    2004-05-03 15:05:23 ET
Well, today I received some good news and some bad news, don't you love those situations? To start off, my friend Luciferette will not be able to come down for Anime Expo since it is during the 4th of July and plane tickets for that time are terribly expensive so that is not pleasant news, I really wanted her to come down and meet all of my lovely friends. But, here is the good news, she wants to fly me down to attend two conventions in Florida, one in June, one in July which is right during my birthday which would be spiffy. The only problem I see is that my work may not give me the time off, for both, maybe not for either which is my opinion, is not completely fair since it is before back to school. I do not know how much longer I am going to work for Hot Topic, there is going to be a lot of turnover since our current store manager is leaving to manage a new store and we are getting a new manager who I have heard, is quite the controlling bitch, which would not be so bad, if I were not of the same ilk. Also, Luciferette and her husband may come down in Octobor, around Halloween, to see me, before they leave for England which would make me happy, I will remeber this time to request Halloween off, which I did not do last Halloween.
Speaking of work, I learned something very interesting last weekend. When I asked if there were any possibility that I would be promoted to keyholder, an assistant manager type positions, I was told no, that I did not have enough energy. I was quite upset about it at the time, to the point that I was almost tearing up, just the thought that no matter how well I did my job, I would not gain advancement purely on the fact that my energy level was not up to their expectations, it simply sounds ridiculous to me, I doubt I am the only one who thinks so. Argh, I suppose that is why I am suddenly soured on working there, perhaps it will pass, perhaps not.
Also, lately, because of the degrading of life in our neighbourhood, with gangs tagging on walls and the like, my parents are now considering moving to Springfield, MO, yes, most of you have never heard of it, I would be a bit worried if you had. As you can well imagine, I am not excited at the prospect of that. I live in SoCal and there is simply more to do here, if I am bored now, I do not want to even imagine what it will be like if I move there, yikes! So, as you can all well see, I have a lot on my mind currently, so please excuse me if there is a lull between my updates, I will certainly try to update more often! Thanks and ta for now!

 Huzzah    2004-04-20 10:26:54 ET
Allo all. Sorry for the pause between updates, I have been so busy lately with work. Damn spring break, it brings all the kiddies out and you know, you have to watch those dear loves and their sticky fingers. I know that it is not right to think that every teenager is a pontential shoplifter but when you work in retail, you have to have that mindset. It is better to suspect someone and be wrong, than to ignore the signs and have merchandise taken. Work has been nice lately though, it is back to ou slow time now, you know, before summer comes along and the children are off. Yesterday, in the span of a couple of hours, I picked up two shifts, which is good, I need the money so I can start saving up for my cosplays. Though it has been recently been brought to my attention that I might not be able to go to Florida for Anime Festival Orlando since it is in August, which is right during back to school which is one of our busiest times of the entire year. If I want to go, I will have to quit my job at Hot Topic, I am not too pleased with that idea, it is a good job, better than most despite all it's faults. One cannot go wrong with a job that allows you to express yourself as you see fit.
I have finally started putting my clothing up for auction, I have already sold one thing, for far less than I wanted to sell it for but that happens, it is better to sell it and getting something for it than to let it sit and gather dust in my overstuffed closet. I recently put up another item and it has already exceeded the original price I paid for it, which makes me happy.
I have met some new people lately, which is always good, it is rather hard for me to make friends, for a variety of different reasons, most specifically due to the fact that I am anti-social, I have a germ phobia, and I do not like to be touched. I even met someone else who was in to cosplay, how great is that? Yea, more people to go to Anime Expo with.
Bunker last Friday was good, as always. I had planned to go to Release the Bats this Friday but I have to close at work, sigh, that always seems to happen to me, I was not even supposed to work that day but they coerced me into taking a shift. That's dash cunning of them. Today I am planning on helping Lars out with his car issues, though it will cost me a $50 deposit. Ah, if I did not own him before, I certainly do now. ~_^ Life is good.

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