Fear the Robo Bitch of Total Devastation!    2004-07-26 13:01:14 ET
Just thought I would write a quick post. I worked all this weekend, which was fun, except that one of my associates was sick, and thusly, made me rather paranoid, I started everytime she coughed, damn, I hate coughing! I bought some new tees since I am selling a few of mine on my upcoming Ebay auctions and I could always use more tees. I bought this awesome new Bauhaus girl tank that we got in and one of those cute little babydoll tees that generally have some amusing saying or something else cute on them, in this case, this one says Dark Angel on the front with wings on the back. Ah, I can be so cute and cliched sometimes! ~_^ I also bought a new Illig shirt and skirt off the HT website, I knew we would probably never get them so I decided to purchase them, besides, Illig is my favorite brand we sell, besides Lip Service. Just what Divine Decay needs, more clothes, my poor closet is so full already! No, I'll tell you when you're full!
On Saturday, before work, I went with my friend Jeff to Frank and Sons collectible show, it was right spiffy, they had all sorts of neat things, heh, there certainly were a lot of nerds there though, not surprising because the booths getting the most business were generally card related, Yugi-Oh, Magic: The Gathering, Marvel and DC, so forth. I did end up buying something, the lovely Alice and Chesire cat figures from the game American Mcgee's Alice, they are so cute, and twisted looking! Plus, they were only $15, you just cannot go wrong there. The last or should I say first of my purchases, was the last Mamiya Oki artbook I require for my collection, heh, I paid nearly $50 for an 80 page artbook full of black and white sketches. Sigh, I wonder about myself sometimes! >_< Lastly, here is a villian quiz I liberated from my friend Luci!<br>

What kind of villian would you be?
LJ Username <input type='text' name='in0' size='32' maxlength='64' value='divinedecay'>
Gender <select name='in1' size='1'><option value='Male' >Male</option><option value='Female' selected>Female</option></select>
Favorite color <input type='text' name='in2' size='32' maxlength='64' value='Black and Red'>
Do you root for good, or for awesome? <select name='in3' size='1'><option value='Good' >Good</option><option value='Evil' selected>Evil</option><option value='Awesome%21+Duh%2C+why+do+you+think+I%27m+taking+a+villian+quiz%3F' >Awesome! Duh, why do you think I'm taking a villian quiz?</option></select>
Your trusted second in command invioletstripes
Your arch nemesis, aka; lorax999
Evil appearance Cybernetic badass, you are shiny, tall, and equipped with all the right things to make someone go boom. All will fear your robotic onslought, and none will dare oppose you!
What you;ve done so far Once a great dark power, you were sealed up and locked away. Well now you're back, and pissed off.
Your evil powers/skills Dude, robopowers.
Chances of taking over/destroying world - 12%
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Try Your Answers!">
This quiz by tea_chan - Taken 1473 Times.
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Heh, that is so awesome, fear the robo bitch of doom! It's a rivethead's wet dream! :P

 I amost died! Oh, and Ministry!    2004-07-21 23:30:09 ET
Heh, perhaps that is a slight hyperbole, but I could not help myself, each of my posts should have some Simpsons reference. This incident in question happened at work today. A father and his young daughter requested that I get for them one of the many ugly shoes that we have, in a size 9, since we do not carry half sizes, for whatever reason, I have never asked, and do not really care anyways. I went back there and lo and behold, the shoes in question were behind three ladders, a small ladder, a medium sized ladder, and the ginormous ladder of total devastation! Ha, no, this is not a weird retaleing of the beloved fairy tale, could you imagine that, "Goldilocks and the three...ladders?" Moving on, I went to retrieve the size nine and I suppose I must have nudged monster ladder because it crashed down faster than Hot Topic did after it warned about quarterly earnings. Yes, ouch for the H-Tizzle. This, of course, started a chain reaction, knocking the other two ladders down, plus some boxes, and some things sitting on a folding cart. I, however, was spared from harm because of my cat like reflexes, and only managed to be knocked over on top of the fallen ladders, suffering not even a bruise. Needless to say, I was bloody frightened though, monster ladder must weigh nearly 100lbs! Imagine that plus two other relatively heavy ladders falling on me! Yes, a loud clatter followed by a disgusting crunching noise, unpleasant business, that. I secured the shoes and presented them to the man and his daughter, than proceeded to clean up the chaos, which took nearly 20 minutes! Lifting monster ladder proved to be incredibly difficult, I had to use leverage in order to even budge it a few inches. Finally, I finished, and went back out onto the selling floor, only to have the man return the shoes to me, saying they did not fit. I tried my best to grin, I am sure it looked more like a grimace, and put the shoes back. I almost died getting those damn shoes and they don't even buy them, bastards, mother fucking bastards!!! ::Enraged Divine Decay::
Alright, must compose myself, breathe. Ah, better now, I laugh when I read this now but than I was seriously pissed, heh, which says something since the manager working with me at the time did not even notice anything was wrong since I tend to have the same look of indifference no matter what I do. Anyways, on a much, much brighter note, I got an email from TicketMaster tonight, and Ministry is going to be playing at the HOB in Anaheim! Yes! In case you do not know, Divine Decay's favorite band is Ministry, to see them live, well, I could die happy. When I see them, I will have seen the Holy Trinity of Divine Decay's favorite bands, Ministry, KMFDM, and Skinny Puppy. Ah, life is good sometimes. We had better still be living here by than, I do not care if we have to live in the car, I am going to see Ministry, do not keep me from it, my wrath will be great and terrible!! Well, I shall leave it at this lighter note for tonight, err, today...whatever, it is either really late, or really early, depending on how you look at it...argh, I am not going to get into this right now!!::Storms off::

 Another Anime Con perhaps?    2004-07-20 12:29:20 ET
I just thought I would jot down a quick post, so as not to seem as though I am neglecting my journal. Since I have returned from FL, I have been rather busy, I worked each day till yesterday which was my first day off since I came back, it feels nice to be able to relax and just veg out. Well, today has not been overly relaxing, as I do not drive, I have to walk everywhere, in the summer, during the height of the day, which I had to do today. So yeah, that is not fun, I was hot and miserable, and yet, I still wore a knee length black coat because god forbid I get any color on my skin, I am so pale, I reflect light! Though one thing was brought to my attention as I walked, there are way too many guys honking and cat calling at me. It ceased to flatter or amuse me long ago, now it is just annoying. I mean, what do they hope to accomplish by doing that, I need to know this, please, tell me men out there, what posses you to do that?!
On another note, I am really beginning to enjoy my anime convention experiences, and cosplaying, it is great fun. There is another con coming up in early October, called Ani-Magic, taking place in Valencia, Ca. Already I have my friend Jeff signed up as wanting to come with, so if anyone else is interested, tell me, the more, the better. And if you want to cosplay, all the better, since I am going to, probably another Angel Sanctuary cosplay, Rosiel or Belial, whichever is simpler. I am even going to attempt to make my own angel wings, perhaps that will end up being the thing that I excell at, cosplay wise. Or else it would be a big mess of feathers and glue, heh, hopefully the latter! If you want to check out some of my cosplay links, look at my earlier entry, where I am cosplaying as Rosiel from AS, and Maria Renard from Castlevania: SOTN. That's all for now!

 Return to Sender    2004-07-15 22:36:06 ET
Allo all. Yes, I am back, returned from my short respite in FL. Luci and Lux were fabulous hosts, as always, I love you dolls!<3 I had a great deal of fun while I was there, shopping and hanging out with Luci and Lux. The weather was atrocious, as anyone from FL can tell you, coming back to CA, the temperature felt almost cool, in the middle of July! I am sad now, for I know not when I shall be seeing the two of them again, hopefully sooner rather than later, perhaps if we are still living here when they come to visit in October. Metrocon was great even though it was not a particularly large con, it was lovely walking around on Friday and Saturday in our group cosplays, Angel Sanctuary and Castlevania: SOTN. If you wish to see some pictures of said cosplays, please check out these two links, in the Angel Sanctuary Group, I am Rosiel, in the Castlevania group, I am Maria Renard.
I enjoyed being Rosiel so much that I want to do all his cosplays now! Hell, I even want to learn how to sew and I never thought that would happen! Plus, I am suddenly interested in learning how to make my own wings, rather than having to spend ridiculous amounts of money on purchasing them or having them made. And last night I was looking for colored contact lenses for my Myoubi cosplay since her eyes are red and I want the cosplay to be as authentic as possible. One site I looked on, while searching BatGear Beyond, had gorgeous colored lenses, though all of their red pairs were $200! ::Faints:: The contact lenses would cost more than the entire cosplay! Argh, must catch my breath, this must be what they mean by sticker shock. The only thing that gives me even the slightest relief is that I could use them for future Myoubi cosplays and my future Alucard cosplay. I bought three foam heads today, for my two hats and my Rosiel wig, which I am planning on selling soon, I am going to buy a higher quality wig for future Rosiel cosplays. I am also selling one of my pvc hats, the one I decided not to use for my Rosiel cosplay and thusly have no use for. I have quite a few items that I must photograph and put up for auction over the next few weeks.
Now I am back to my daily grind which I suppose, could be worse. I went back to work today, and they went and changed the entire store around on me, bastards, I loathe anything that makes me feel ignorant in any way! Plus, I am working the whole weekend, heh, they are desperate for associates who have sufficient experience, since we have since hired five new victims, err, employees. Alright, a whole new crop of people for me to dislike. Ha, I am just joking, I generally do not even waste my valuable, finite energy on hate, when indifference is so much simpler. We also fired one of our few senior employees, sad when a senior employee has only been working there for three months! It matters not for no one will miss him, he was simply awful, I am sure they were just reaching for an excuse to fire him. I do not care either way, I never even had a conversation with the guy. Is that bad, never having even spoken more than a half dozen words to someone you worked with for over three months? Or is it just me? Ah well, I suppose it does not matter now. Though now I am having issues again with work, since I am now getting shit hours because of this new influx of associates, but I see little point in quitting and pursuing other oppurtunities since I shall be moving in a few months anyways. Sigh, there always seems to be some sort of drama in my life, despite my intense dislike of aforementioned drama. As I am rather tired, I shall leave it at this for the moment.

Modern Satanist
Thinking yourself to be a god, realizing Indulgence as your main goal, not believing in a literal Satan, and counting stupidity as your highest sin. You are a proud LaVeyan Satanist! You might enjoy www.churchofsatan.com if you're not already a member.
Hmm, odd, I would have expected to get Atheist, but surprisingly enough, this sounds rather like me.

 The skinny on Skinny Puppy!    2004-07-05 13:16:39 ET
Ha, ha, look at me and my cleverness. Before I go over the events of last night, I just had to mention that I came to the realization today that each time I have consumed five glasses of water, as part of my weight loss plan, I have been drinking 2 liters worth of water! I was curious so I took an empty two liter bottle and poured five glasses of water into it, bloody hell, I was as surprised as anyone! Heh, that has to be something to be proud of right...right? Feh, nevermind.
Well, my day yesterday started out with my having to work, I would have rather had the day off but with my upcoming trip, that was not going to happen. We were quite slow, not unexpected being that it was the 4th of July. Work was rather uneventful, as was going home. When I actually started getting ready for the show was when it got a bit stressful. For one, I was running late, I was supposed to call for a cab at around 7:30pm. Yes, you heard me, a cab, my father flat out refused to take me. Anyways, I called the cab company, and was told they could not send out a cab for an hour and forty five minutes! So, yeah, that was not exacltly convienient for me since it was almost 8:00pm! Fortunately, I was able to get a hold of another cab company, and was able to arrive in plenty of time for the show. There was already quite a long line forming. I have one comment to make, if you want to get all the goths in your area in one place, just have a Skinny Puppy show, that will do the trick. The couple behind me were busy commenting on other people's outfits, it is hard to believe how sniping people can be, though admittadly when I am at clubs, I find myself doing the same thing. Security was rather thourough, there are few things that can compare to be felt up by a large African American female security guard.
One other note, this entire time, I am all by my lonesome, and feeling rather awkward, it is much better to attend functions like this when you are with friends, or at least aqquaintances. The first openning act were rather interesting, quite a bit better than KMFDM's opening acts, they were very amusing The second opening act was rather, hmm, how to put this, suckulent, yes, that is a good word. Around 10:15 or so, Skinny Puppy came on and I will just say this, they were fantastical, amazing, just as good as KMFDM, perhaps better! I just so enjoyed their entire show so much, I am even a bigger fan now than I was before. All I want to know is, what is Ogre on, and how I do I get some? I mean, you would have to see him, he puts on an incredible stage show, the guy never stops moving, the whole time, I was just wondering, "Where the hell is he getting all that energy?!" I am not sure how old he is, but I know how long the band has been around, he must be in his 40's by now! And here I am, not yet 22, and I do not have half that amount of energy. And I must say, he looks pretty damn good for his age! They played for nearly two hours and several times, I found myself dancing, at least slightly, one, my feet were killing me because I was wearing the most impractical shoes known to Man, these mid calf, buckle boots with a five inch heel, and dancing made my feet hurt less. They looked great on though, how I suffer for the sake of fashion. And two, who wouldn't, it is Skinny Puppy, all their songs have such great beats, plus, I had danced to some of the songs at clubs before so it was a natural reaction. Heh, though if no one else were dancing, I probably would not have, but many other people were, or at least swaying to the beat. The band did an encore, than a second encore, it was fantabulous, they were just so awesome! Though I do have a bit of bad news for any of you who want to see them, last night was SP's last North American date, Ogre said as much himself, yes, tragic that. As I was leaving, I walked past the VIP area, and noticed that Wayne Static from Static-X was there, that was nifty, seeing him there, but as I am not a celebrity whore, it did not interest me too terribly. Afterwards, I just milled about, and was told by one young man that I was beautiful, which made me feel good of course. Than I went outside and leaned against a wall, my arms crossed, by myself, trying to look cute and pitiful, hoping to attract someone so I could at least get a ride home. Well, I suppose I don't do cute or pitiful well, since I just seemed to come off as looking upset, enough so one guy came up to me and asked me if I was alright, if I had had a good time! Heh, I want to know, do I really look that unapproachable, I mean, to people that know me, I need to know this! All in all, it was a great evening with a spetaculer show(Heh, I am running out of adjectives!), it would have been better had I went with someone else but hey, what are you going to do?

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