I am the Lizard Queen!    2004-08-09 22:02:45 ET
Heh, that really has nothing to do with the following post but it does get one's attention! I took a few more webcam shots, some not so good, some terrible, so I put up a few of the not so good ones, as I have no decent ones, Divine Decay does not photograph well for whatever reason. I went to Chamber last night, it was fun, they were playing way too much EBM though, it makes me long to return to the greener pastures of Das Bunker...yep, because when you think of Das Bunker, you think of green pastures. I only danced to a few songs but hey, it was better than staying at home, plus I got to hang out with Shia and Jesse! And I got to be amused by the antics of Fairy Boy! All in all, it defintely could have been worse. A few things I learned though, One, I forgot how truly horrible Budweiser tastes, it made me want to vomit frankly, I am a wuss people, I can only drink alcohol that does not taste like alcohol, like something with a fruity, citrusy taste! And another thing, hanging out with a bunch of fairly toasted people is not as much fun when you are sober, I could not get drunk though, for I had to wake up early for work and besides, I tend not to like anything that limits the control I have over myself and those around me, I mean...nevermind. ::Whistles:: I hung out with Jesse today, we went out to Super China Buffet for lunch, heh, it reminded me of you Lars! And my last statement of the night, Moi Dix Mois ownz! Mana-Sama! ::Many little anime hearts:: ~_^

 Know your ABC's!    2004-08-08 14:06:13 ET
So, here is a survey I did recently, I like to call it the "ABC...and so forth" survey, for obvious reasons. Note, I was in a rather odd mood when I took this so please, do not take some of my answers seriously, it is all in jest, good clean fun! Now I want everyone else to do it too, so you can be cool, like me, we'll start a fad! ^_^

A is for age: 22

B is for boyfriend: What do I need a man for, I have my cat....in other words, I have no boyfriend! Happy now? And I have no boyfriend by choice, not because I am afraid of germs!

C is for career: Well, it is certainly not working at Hot Topic for the rest of my life, which would not be very long if I had to work there more than a few years. Some careers I may be interested in: Graphic arts, Literary, mortuary work, and possibly something relating to crime, hopefully not the criminal aspect!

D is for dad's name: Joe

E is for essential item to bring to a party: A tazer or pepper spray in case anyone's attitude needs adjusting. Yeah, I don't have many friends.

F is for favorite song at the moment: "No 'W' " by Ministry

G is for good movie you recently saw: The Village

H is for hometown: Garden Grove, Ca but not for very much longer.

I is for instruments you play: None, I take part in most other creative activities though.

J is for jewel that you like: I have little interest in any particular jewels, perhaps black diamonds, and rubies are my birthstone.

K is for kids: You mean like the ones I have buried in my backyard? Just kidding, like I would bury corpses in my backyard,how cliche'.

L is for living arrangements: Still living at home, eh, it is a free ride and my parents are tolerable.

M is for mom's name: Cindy

N is for number of people you've slept with: You do not need to know this, it is not an essential life fact.
O is for overnight hospital stays: None, I am dreadfully healthy.

P is for phobia[s]: Germs, Zombies, Zombies which spread germs, Germs which turn people into Zombies...and so on

Q is for quote you like: "Apathy will be the downfall of humanity, but who cares?"

R is for right, what's on your right: The mouse and one small speaker.

S is for say something, anything: Heh, Say Anything, that is the name of a crappy 80's movie!

T is for time you wake up: Whenever I damn well please.

U is for unique trait(s): Apathy, Creativity, Sarcastic at the worst possible times, Driven, driven everywhere I am! Wow, such a crap joke!

V is for vegetable you love: Lettuce type veggies

W is for worst habit: Feeling superior to other people.

X is for x-rays you've had: I have never had one X-Ray. Hmm, I feel like I am missing out on something.

Y is for yummy food you make: Oh believe me, I may make things, but they are never yummy!

Z is for zodiac sign: Cancer/Dog

 Review This!    2004-08-03 23:50:42 ET
So, I received my six month review, even though it was more like my eight month review, or nearly that since last year they wanted to get my review out of the way before the frantic holiday season. I actually thought I would have a better review than I actually got, the same issues as before, they feel I am not inputing enough on what should be done in the store, I should approach customers more often, and my personal favorite, not having enough energy or intiative. I think the approaching part is not really my problem though, most times, people seem a bit intimidated by me, this is no fault of my own, I simply have that air about me, besides, they probably think I am Satan Worshipper or some other agent of evilness, I mean, why else would I be dressed this way? Plus, my energy is never going to be at the level they desire it to be, I simply not that way, I am apathetic, brooding, focused, and methodical, which is why I take my time with things and people, I apologize for my inability to be as motivated and quick as other people, you either want it done fast or right, and they seem to desire both, "Do the best possible job in the quickest amount of time possible!" Um, yeah, good luck with that, especially with the new victims, err, associates we have. Sigh, I do not know how much longer I can stomach working at this place, while it is somewhat less sinister than other jobs, retail is probably the best job you can get, the clothing portion anyways, the people simply grate on my nerves, they should count themselves fortunate that I am so bloody patient. Perhaps when we move, the next Hot Topic will be more tolerable, they will probably think me rather boss simply because I lived in California.
Heh, yes, boss is my latest word to describe something that is cool without using the word cool, which is thrown about far too often these days. I have also started using the word "bunk" as well, ah, I love using slang that has not been around in decades, I could start a fad....or not, whichever, I am sure that in a few months, I will still be the only person referring to that new skirt as "boss." Everyone is just jealous that they are not as creative as me. ::Sticks out tongue::
Speaking of clothing, I am trying to justify buying $120 worth of new clothes, which actually only comes to a pair of pants and a couple of t-shirts. But to defend them, they are really nice pants, some might even say they were boss. So anyways, I am looking for people to put up a convincing argument as to why I should not purchase said clothes, make it really good or I am going to do it, I swear!

 Random Late Night/Early morning entry    2004-07-31 01:07:02 ET
Heh, I am actually pretty tired but for some reason, I am unable to sleep, my mind, she does not wish to be silent for long. I doubt I am the only person who has that problem, my mind seems to prefer running several moments in advance, I think faster than I speak at times, which leads me to mumble something unintelligible because I am already thinking about what I am going to say next!
One thing that I have noticed lately that has irked me are pop up blockers that advertise their services...using pop-ups...yes, that will make me want to pay for your services bastard, err, I mean sir.
Tonight I went to the Block with my mother, yes, that is so cool, I got to hang out with my mum! Heh, my mother is great though, while we were waiting for the bus, some ignorant teenagers rode by on their bikes and one decided he would try his hand at something clever and said, "Fuck gothic people." My mother, being the lovely woman she is, called them stupid and told them to fuck off. My mother is one of those people that it is difficult to feel indifferently about, you either love her or you hate her, there are no lukewarm feelings when it comes to her. Everyone I know loves my mother though, especially my friends.
So, we went to the Block, fyi, The Block is an outdoor shopping centre, it is very popular with the youth of SoCal, especially in the evening. However, it is not so appealing to one such as myself who loathes to be exposed to the elements, most specifically, The Sun, so I was not overly comfortable, sticking to the shadows as much as possible. Heh, I can be so silly at times, it was not like I was going to get burned, I was wearing a coat, plus had two layers of make-up on, I doubt even one complete ray got anywhere near my skin! I decided to go and check out the new Hot Topic that just opened there a few days before. Wow, all I have to say is that this store is far superior to the one I work at, the design is much better. I bought another new tee, a black Bauhaus purple babydoll tee, one can never have too many band tees in my opinion, they work for some many different occasions!
Anyways, we went and saw The Village. I shall not give anything away, I shall only say that the movies is more than it appears to be on the surface, there are some fabulous twists, I would defintely recommend seeing it, the critics be damned! I mean, whoever listens to the critics anyways, I have loved films that they completely hated and have loathed films that they adored, it is purely based on the indivdual preferences of the person reviewing the film, it is nothing more than an opinion. I have never went to see a movie because Roger Ebert gave it a thumb's up, and if you have, I'm sorry. Though with this particular movie, I think M. Night Shamylan is trying to be a bit too high minded, but than again, that is not nessecarily a bad thing, it just will not appeal to your average movie goer who when they go to see a horror film, expect to be entertained by a few hundred gallons of fake blood and some large breasted girl being brutalized. But, ahem, that does have it's place as well, what could be better than watching stupid, easily despisable people being brutally murdered? ~_^

 Divine Decay!    2004-07-28 23:24:33 ET
Yes, I decided to add a picture of myself, not in cosplay! Yes, there is a first time for everything. Yes, so, when seeing me, please do not run away in horror, I maybe a zombie, but I am a classy zombie! ^_^

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