Wow, just wow.    2004-09-07 21:50:24 ET
Recently, as I was being driven to work, I happened to catch a segment on Sean Hannity's radio talk show where people completely at random called him and he quizzed them on who they were voting for, and why they were voting for that individual. Well, every person I heard said that they were voting for John Kerry, or else, in the case of a few of them who were not of voting age, would vote for him if able. Now, that is not what I am so amazed about, this is. For one, Hannity would ask who they were voting for, the person would say Kerry, he would than ask what they thought of his vice presidential canidate and he used the name Stu Ped as a rather amusing psuedo name and it was not until caller 7 or 8 before someone actually corrected him! I mean, that boggles my mind, I was cracking up the entire time, hearing these teenagers and twenty somethings telling Hannity what they thought of Stu Ped! Plus, he would ask them what policies of Kerry's influenced them to vote for him and not one person could think of a valid reason as to why they would vote for him, outside of the fact that he is not Bush! Than he asked what one thing John Kerry did during his run as Senator, one thing that impressed them, that made them want to vote for him, and once again, no one could think of anything to say. Now, I understand that people want Bush out of office, I tend to agree but to vote for someone you know nothing about simply because he is not the other guy, I mean, the utter stupidity of it is incredible to me. Are all teenagers, in fact, are all people my age or older that ignorant when it comes to politics, it is just unbelievable to me, though I doubt I should be so surprised, I know well enough the intelligence level of the average youth of America, it simply saddens me is all. Look at it closely folks, this is the future of America, be afraid, be very afraid.

 You speak lies predictor!    2004-09-05 23:55:01 ET
Hey, damn it, where is my earthquake, I was promised an earthquake and I want it delivered, front and center, now! ::Tapping foot:: Heh, plus, I did not go out tonight as was planned, my lazy friends cancelled on me, work, pshaw, forget work and other responsibilities, who could resist spending an evening with me? ::Looks all wounded:: Fine, I see how it is, life is just one big joke to you, you with your snotty LA/NY/Dallas(Dallas??) ect. attitude. Aw, that is alright, I know you all have nothing but love for me, I feel you. See, this is what happens when it is late, I am tired and bored, I write a rambling, utterly pointless entry, hey, but wasn't it good for a larf? Sigh, so much for always being at least slightly insightful, I try, I truly do. ::Hangs head down in shame:: Actually, I did happen to draw something tonight which I did not instantly loathe which seems the case with most anything I draw anymore, everyone else raves about and I am thinking the entire time, "God, this is utter crap, how can anyone like it, what is wrong with them, can't they see the many small imperfections which fill me with shame?" On this note, our website is back up, and better than ever. My best friend Luci does all of the web design, I simply do content and occasionally offer up my opinion on website related items. Divine Decay used to have her own website but well, I did not pay much attention to it, what with work and my limited attention span,it was simply easier to allow Luci to do all the work, she is much superior to me when it comes to web designing, I could improve with even the slightest effort on my part but I always say,"So much to do, so few people to do it for me."
I plan to see Resident Evil: Apocalypse on Friday when it comes out, I have been waiting for this film ever since the first one came out. Now, I adored the film for what it was, not that it was a proper representation of the popular game series which I know it not to be, it was similar enough, but survival horror is only so intriguing to people who are not familiar with the games, I do not know how much they could have enjoyed a more involving plot. I am guilty of the same though, this silly elitist attitude that every film I watch has to be in some way high minded, thusly, it makes it more difficult for me to enjoy movies that are made for the sake of entertainment, not because they were trying to get the audience to think, most audiences do not even want to be bothered with that particular act, movies are there solely for the purpose of being an escape from harsh reality for an hour and a half, so come on people, just shut off the inane chattering of your minds for a moment and simply try to take pleasure in mindless violence and crude comedy, it is alright. Heh, I am speaking more to myself than anyone else though! Ah, see, I started babbling and it became something at least remotely intelligent, ah, I impress even myself at times. J/K, I am not nearly that arrogant, just nearly. Night dolls! ^_^

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 Well, I'll be bushwhacked!    2004-09-04 15:59:27 ET

I'm Reservoir Bush!
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Ha, this picture amuses me to no end, I love the fact that there is a little black doggie following after them, heh, it is just too much! I do not plan to vote this year, as if that is any different from any other year, both parties hold no interest to me, they both have their faults and seem far too similar to me. Saying this, it is just so fun and simple to poke fun at Bush! ^_^

 Going Batty! ^*^    2004-09-01 23:08:44 ET
Well, Bat's Day was a blast, as if I expected any differently. I went with my friend Jeff and within half an hour, we were absorbed into another group of gothic type peoples. It was great to meet amusing and interesting new people, it is always better to go to such events with a large group than it is to go by yourself or with only one other friend. All day long I received many compliments, heh, mostly about the boss new Illig Skirt I was wearing. We went on several rides, not really too many different ones, for example, we went on Big Thunder Railroad three times! For those of you who are unawares, two people have died on that ride within the last few months, one of my new associates than came up with the Fate Scale which goes as follows:
One is tempting Fate
Two is taunting Fate
Three is flipping Fate the finger and telling him to bring it on!
Heh, we went with #3 that day! Alas, Space Mountain was the only ride I was not able to go on since it is closed for renovations till 2005, which makes Divine Decay sad for she shall be moving within a few months and was not able to go on it, ever!;>_<; I brought a camara with me but forgot I even had it, thusly did not take any pictures, so silly I am at times. Perhaps when they post the pictures for Bat's Day 2004, I might be in a few of them. The one and only downfall of the day was that, well, it is August!! Whose brilliant idea was it to come up with an event of this scale and to have it during the Summer?! Ridiculous! I was so miserable all day because of the weather and the vicious, vicious Sun, it actually impaired my enjoyment of an otherwise fabulous day, sigh. When the evening finally came around, I was so exhausted and drained of all energy, that I no longer possesed the kind of passion I had earlier in the day, heh, I only remember bits and pieces of the evening events, the last meet at the Haunted Mansion, I believe the final count was somewhere at 2000+ goths. One of the most amusing items of the night was the fact that my friend Jeff was #600, I was #599, and he was wearing an ICP t-shirt, heh. I somehow managed to stay at DisneyLand from 11:00am to 11:00pm, I shall never know how I was able. I was a complete zombie the next day but it was worth it....I suppose. <BR> Huzzah, I received my new boots today, my awesome Megas, patent knee high boots with five buckles and a five inch platform, they fit perfectly, just what I needed, more boots! Also, with my next paycheck, I am planning on buying my first pair of New Rocks, yea, something to look forward to, I shall wear them to the Ministry, Thrill Kill Kult, and Hanzel und Gretyl show. I have been working this entire week, I had Sunday off and the next day I have off is Saturday, I have not had any time to do anything, this is really the first free moment I have had to post in any of my journals. Some notable events that I am going to attend or am thinking about attending: I am going to a party that my friend Jesse is throwing for his girlfriend on Friday, it is her birthday, she shall be the same age I am, which is old. ~_^ And perhaps this weekend, if I can drum up enough interest, I would love to go to Das Bunker vs Perversions on Sunday, perhaps with Shia. <3 Well, I shall leave it at this for the moment, as it is late and Divine Decay is tired like. Night dolls.

 Bat's day???    2004-08-25 22:11:10 ET
Heh, I was just wondering if anyone on my buddy list or any other random person who happens to stumble upon my journal, the poor, unfortunate soul, will be attending Bat's Day at the Fun Park, I shall be and was curious to know if anyone was interested in meeting up or whatnot! Thanks dolls! <3
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