Thought Provoking    2008-10-10 10:19:55 ET
If you haven't already, see Religulous, it is a fantastic film, I enjoyed it imensely, much more so than the two movies I saw at the Cinefamily last night, The Messiah of Evil and Shock Waves.
Shock Waves was one of the few films in the little known Nazi Zombies genre, odd how that one didn't take off, and it is supposedly the best, which is not saying anything for the rest of the films, there are at least two more which I'll probably end up buying and regretting said buying. Ah well, live and learn.
But really, see Religulous, though honestly, if you are not a fan of Bill Maher, this probably will not help, Micheal Moore seems cuddly next to Maher in this movie but I liked his abrasvieness. I believe it is only in limited release so do yourself a favor and watch it. That is all.

 Art Party    2008-10-01 09:56:07 ET
No matter what I get interested in, I always end up right back at art, perhaps it really is my calling, it has been one of the few constants of mine throughout my life. I just worry that if I go to school for art, it will be a waste of time and money, as much as I enjoy it and the amount of talent I have, the field is just so competitive. I would hate to get out of school and end up where I am now, looking for some crap retail or office job. I was drawing last night and it made me remember how much I love it and what a fantastic outlet it is.
I might not even be able to remain in CA, as I have no job and only one possible job pending and even that does not inspire much optimism in me. I have never had this much difficulty finding a job before, talk about frustrating! Back to MO I suppose, at least than I could focus on my education and possibly getting a real career. At least if I was working part time and attending school full time, I would feel like I was working toward something, unlike currently, or at least when I had a job that is, where I was working for a paycheck, nothing more. Either way, whatever I do, I have to give up something.
Ah well, no use crying over spilt milk eh? At least I will have fun the rest of the week, no matter what. I am going to Xile's Latex and Vinyl Ball tonight, Halloween Haunt on Thursday, either Shipwreck or Vagabond Opera on Friday, The 25th Anniversary Party for the Art Deco Society of LA on Saturday (I get to wear a lovely 30's evening gown that I bought a bit ago, yea!), and I am not sure about Sunday yet. Busy, busy!

 Like I said, what else is new?    2008-09-16 14:45:33 ET
According to this, people in LA are known for being the rudest and the most stupid out of a list of 25 major cities.
Does the word Duh mean anything to you?
There has been a definite downturn in the quality of people I meet than even just a few years ago. I am surprised and saddened with the ease of information in the modern technical age and how very few people seem all that interested in tapping in to it. Even now, I think I would still rather do without the internet or television than my books and that almost makes me strange nowadays.
It is only going to get worse, I wish I could be more optimistic, but than is very little evidence to the contrary. A simple question such as " Do you like to read?" is almost exclusively answered, " Well, I read magazines." Ugh, if I get that response one more time... I should rephrase that and say, " Do you read anything that is not almost exclusively pictures?" Vogue, Elle, or Glamour, while full of lovely, highly expensive things, do not count as reading material. National Geographic and other associated magazines do count because at least there is educational content, well, that doesn't have to do with what colors are in this season and hair don'ts.
I honestly hate to rant but there are so many things that irritate me to some degree that I have to give vent to them occasionally. Alright than, I feel better now.
On a totally unrelated note, is anyone going to see Laibach on the 26th of Sept, I hope to get my ticket this week. ^_^

 They got my letters!!!    2008-08-18 18:14:34 ET

I love the kookiness and the absolute oddness of the Nazi Exploitation genre, I mean, what a weird idea for a series of movies, honestly, good taste be damned I suppose!
Saddest part of all is that I will buy this the instant it comes out, I still hope Rob Zombie decides to make a full length feature out of his fake trailer in Grindhouse...oh come on, you know you are curious about Werewolf Women of the SS! Or maybe it is just me...yep, probably just me. ;p

 Olympics    2008-08-10 14:46:32 ET
Does anyone care about the Olympics anymore, honestly.
All of this medal nonsense, it is the equivalent of all the nations in the world comparing the size of their penis'.
Heh, sorry, I was watching the news, the ridiculous amount of coverage the Olympics were getting and had a George Carlin moment. ;p

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