Today's Thought...brought to you by George Carlin    2008-03-21 11:15:41 ET
" Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Billy Graham will lead a nationwide prayer vigil and ask God to do something about America's moral climate. God will promptly strike all three of them dead."
Ha ha, a quote after my own heart.
California has been interesting, I am still looking for a job(s), I may have one now, but it's only part time, sigh. I do have a few receptionist positions that I have interviewed for, they would be ideal, but as it is now, I cannot afford to wait around for the most ideal career oppurtunity to come about, I just need some sort of income coming my way for the time being, beggers cannot be chosers at this point.
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 You learn something new and useless everyday...    2008-02-05 13:15:35 ET
By International Law, it is illegal to write more than three paragraphs about robots without mentioning Isaac Asimov... and I am not even joking, it is completely
See, interesting, but useless, kind of like me actually, and Isaac Asimov. ;p
The Deviant's Pocket Guide to Outlandish Sexual Desires Barely Contained in Your Subconscious is bloody hilarious, though not the best thing to read while waiting in the lobby of an auto repair place, especially with the occasional snickering to yourself, it's good that I don't care what people think about me, though the idea of anyone, particularly law authorities, cleaning my home after I die is a priceless mental image.
" Wow, this girl sure was strange..."
" Yeah, well, at least we have someone to hang all those unsolved murders on, some freak with a massive horror collection, a nazi fetish, and serial killer crap up the arse."
" Word."
*Note* This scenario does not reflect all cops...just the really lazy ones. ~_^
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 Yea!!!    2008-01-24 10:33:20 ET
When I get back to California, I get to see Siouxsie Sioux at the Anaheim HOB on the 19th, I am quite the excited about this, is anyone else going?

 YouTubed!!!    2008-01-16 18:03:52 ET
Ha ha, this is a video featuring Lucifer and I before the Chemlab show at Crowbar in Tampa. Creative Loafing is the local independent alternative publication, it's fairly decent as such things go. They showed up in front of Crowbar, hung their sign up and proceeded to interview us for several minutes, which they show about ten seconds of.
Please note, they asked us to do the horrendously cliched rock on thing but feel free to mock us at your discretion.

 Moving back to Cali...    2007-12-20 06:12:50 ET
It is official now, I am moving back in Feb, probably leaving on the 22nd or so, I am very excited by this development as all I have wanted to do since I left CA was to return and now, I finally get my oppurtunity.
I have enjoyed my time in FL though, I have met many new people and have managed to make some pretty good friends, I now have ties to this place and always will most likely but in the end, California is my home and I miss it terribly.
I hope that I am accepted back with no issues, when I was visiting back in August, it was as if I had never left, it was all the same people I had known several years before, and that pleased me.
I look forward to seeing all of you and also to perhaps forging new friendships as I move into a new chapter of my story. ^_^

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