Music...    2007-12-06 07:51:59 ET
I get to go to two great shows this weekend, Nekromantix and now, Chemlab on Sunday, I did not expect to get to see Chemlab as the closest they were playing was in Orlando, but now they are coming to Tampa so, happy goodtimes for Lucifer and I, and there was much rejoicing.
I am also putting in purple hair extensions on Friday, human hair, does anyone else wondering where they get human hair for this, I've never bothered to ask and to be frank, I don't really care, they could be harvesting it from their stable of virgin teenage girls for all I care, they are mine now.
I have to work on X-Mas, I am probably one of the few people that does not bother, it is time and a half, plus all the partners that work that day get to parcel out the tips among themselves, so if all goes well, I can expect to possibly pull in $100 or more, I can live with that, I have my manipulative sob story ready, ha ha.
And no, I am not even slightly worried that there is a Hell. ;)

 Let's all go out to the movies...    2007-11-29 07:50:53 ET
Lucifer bought Cannibal Holocuast, one of the most controversial movies ever made, for me yesterday and I watched it, it was a brilliant, unfliching, and brutal piece of film making that shows how easy it is for supposedly "civilized" men to fall into savage and primative ways, we listen to our Superegos for the sake of society but in the end, our Id is always stronger.
Everyone should see this movie, and by everyone I mean anyone who can deal with cannibalizing, violent gang rapes, impalements, and extreme cruelty to animals as the scenes of animals being killed are not staged, they are completely real and are quite unpleasant.
I was also fortunate enough to win on Ebay, the infamous movie Pig, the last thing that Rozz Williams did before he committed suicide in 1998. I have wanted this movie ever since I heard about it, all the elements appeal to me, but I did some study and saw that the movie was released in a very limited number and is insanely hard to find, not to mention pricey, I am not paying $100 for any dvd, yeah, you hear that Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom, it is not happening, but that is a whole nother rant.
Unfortunately, it is the VHS version, as 1334 copies were made each for dvd and for VHS, but tis fine, for we have a fuctioning VHS player on our dvd player so huzzah, excitement, I finally get to see it for the price of $26, which is a great deal as I've seen other VHS copies of this film go for $70, yea Ebay!

And for no other reason than that zombies bring me joy, I present...zombies!

In this photo, Lucifer, myself, and Danielle. A necrophiliac's wet dream. ;p

 I wonder...    2007-11-15 17:28:50 ET
Why everyone is so bloody angsty all the time, maybe it is just me but it seems to be the new hip thing to be... oh wait, it's not new at all.
I have financial issues up the yin yang, but I am not lamenting about it, I don't even want to hear about my own problems, I cannot imagine forcing other people to read about it.
I suppose there is some sort of empathy or sympathy complex at work here, if you read about someone else' issues you can perhaps identify with them and their situation.
I guess my emotional retardation is at play here since I cannot understand it, but my empathy/sympathy for others, even people I know, is practically non-existent, it always has been.
That being said, I might not whine about my problems, but I will bloody well rant about things, I enjoy ranting more than lamenting, I have come to that conclusion, maybe is a sympton of my violent and dominant pathology... I should really try to curb that.
" I am equal parts cynicism and apathy, I am always willing to believe the worst as long as it doesn't take too much effort." - Dennis Miller

 Grrr....    2007-11-06 12:14:14 ET
I hate not having money, it bites.
Oddly enough, Starbucks does not pay the bills very well, odd, that. So I am being forced to seek out a new job, which I absolutely hate doing, but with living on mine own snd car payments, insurance, gas, wow, I really detest owning a car, damn conveinence.
This was going somewhere, ah yes, now it seems I may not make it back to CA until perhaps the end of January due to financial issues, but mark my words, I will be back!!!
At least there are a few things to look forward to, The Castle's 10th anniversary extravaganza, they are having a Zombie Ball, and I am going to do Re-Animator, complete with the zombie head in the pan, for those of you who have seen the film, that's really funny.
Our friends, a local psychobilly band called the Crypt Creepers, are getting a huge oppurtunity by opening for The Necromantix and the Koffin Kats, that is the 8th of December I believe.
Chemlab is playing in Orlando in Decemeber as well, that is a bit of a drive so I am not sure if we will catch them or not, I would like to see them though, sigh.
Other than that, I am merely counting down the sands in the hour glass until I can move back to CA, soon.
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 Another Halloween...    2007-11-01 08:07:57 ET
Is tossed by the wayside.
It was highly enjoyable though, on the 27th I went to Taboo Masquerade with my dear Shari, which was much more fun than anything else going on that night, i.e, Guavaween which for you Cali ghouls and boys is like the insanity that goes on in Hollywood every Halloween, the same drunken idiots that are there every weekend, cept there are a lot more of them, and they are wearing lame costumes. I was a cyber geisha, see photos in my gallery or on Myspace.
I was in Orlando the 19th thru the 21st for Screamfest, Florida's largest horror convention which was amazing, the highlight of the weekend being meeting Doug Bradley, better known as Pinhead from the Hellraiser films.
My favorite horror movie of all time being Hellraiser, you can imagine my excitement. I was also able to meet Voltaire and chat with him for a decent length of time, I found him to be intelligent and amusing, which is refreshing, most musicians are neither. On that Saturday alone, I had three, count them, three costume changes, sigh, me.
Yesterday I went to the Castle, the local goth/industrial club, with Lucifer and one of my associates at work, it was lunacy, terribly packed, but still, I managed to have a great time dancing the night away which I have not done in ages, with very little injury inflicted on anyone else, hmm, must be losing my touch.
And on an important end note, if everything goes to plan, I may be returning to California within the next month or so, to stay this time, so yes, all rejoice at the news, no really, do it. ~_^
A belated Happy Halloween! ^.^

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