Another eight hour day...
2003-07-10 15:23:00 ET

It is so FU#*ING hot here, that I watched an old lady on the street just burst into flames....WOOSH! OK Thats an exaggeration, but it got up to 113 in Vegas. The heat felt like someone was pushing down on me today. I went and sang last night and they want me to start practicing with them. I am stoked but busy.
Jake and I are having alot of fun. I have got him potty trained and he feels like such a lil pimp cause he's a "big boy" now:) I need to get some digital pics posted soon. I have not skated in 3 days, its bumming me out but I can't do much about it. I need a 50 hour day. Smoke comes out of my ears when I think of going to school on top of all this shit... Hmmmmmm One day, one thing at a time.

I need a redbull..

or a nap.


What a day...
2003-07-09 14:53:18 ET

I had to work a whole eight hours. Bastards!!!
I don't want a real job anymore! I want to just be rich. I am auditioning tonight for a band that I know. They are really good, but there last singer thought he was GOD's son or some shit. Anyway he's gone. I am pretty sure it will all work out for me. That just spreads me more thin again though. Practice 5 to 6 nights a week starting at 10 pm. I am gonna die.

Oh yeah, I found out today that my exwife got married two weeks ago. I would just like to give her a quick blessing by saying:
"I hope you are forever miserable, and marriage is not the solution for relationship problems! I know he has beaten you up in the past, but I'm sure he did it all out of May GOD watch over you (when my son is with you) Your relationship is surely doomed! You should try to get knocked up next!!!"

That is all.


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