2006-07-24 20:34:59 ET

So Fina broke up with me. Fuck. I love her, much more than a friend, but... if she's happy I'm happy. I hope.

2006-07-23 13:12:55 ET

2006-07-17 21:05:28 ET

Is this any good? I haven't written in so damn long and I need the practice. It's too late for me to say if it's utter shit though.


He found that if he tweaked the vertical on the television a certain way everything seemed a little different. I mean, hey, it looked the same but as you sat there, lifeless, absorbing the information you started to realize that there was a subplot to every story no matter how dull and it permeated everything even the test signals and spanned whole groups of channels and dead air. You could tune into the static and then switch to some run of the mill soap opera re run and then bounce over to the indian head switch it over to the horse races and it's still the same story. He tried to explain it to friends but he could never seem to explain the tale to them. It was too deep and convoluted and so goddamn addicting and he couldn't stop watching it. And they'd listen to him at the bar over a drink as he waived his hands manicly and wild trying to espouse the new breed of philosophy or whatever it was he thought the story was about. And he kept trying to get them to watch but they just didn't get it.

It's not like they haven't tried. But they'd get home and start hopping around the dial like some meth addled rabbit and it'd have no effect on them. Obviously. He didn't realize what had happened at first and that's why it took so long for them to finally catch on. When it hit him he finally took a break from his program and came over to Bill's house to mess with the knobs in the back. He shifted the vertical and there it was. Engrossed by the program they sat there drooling boobs watching the boob tube and every so often they'd jump the channel to "tail the tale" or so they called it.

And so it spread, one by one, until the whole town was watching it. No one really did anything anymore. They'd just site in front of the gooey green glow and stare into the faux internal space that seemed infinite and yet paradoxically enclosed by the cube foot of television space. Soon they became so merged into it that they started to degrade.

First it was the usual social things, common routines pre programmed and followed from right after birth till right before death. Those things people tell you to do and you do them. Outside things. Then it came for the biological functions and the next thing you knew they were sprawled on the floor watching the story their stomachs digesting themselves.


I don't think it's finished. I may be wrong.

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2006-06-23 04:52:25 ET

It's time for your exam, Gretchen. Get on the table. Why, the scheisse table of course, you silly girl! Why, no I haven't thought about using vegetables. No, I... what is "eggplant"?

2006-06-19 10:23:09 ET

"After that we stopped by a Catholic school to pick us up some heavy drugs. That's what Catholic school is good for. Drugs. And anal sex. Just look for the girls with the purity rings. It's like straight-edgers. The only reason they're denouncing sex, drugs, and alcohol so god damn loudly is because they know that in a few years they'll all be taken up the arse by the horny pastor who's helping them feed their heroin/coke habit. And if you don't think that's true you haven't driven by Catholic schools much, now have you?"
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2006-06-18 22:24:57 ET

This is teh awesome:
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