2005-07-09 21:24:51 ET

Nothing new happened. Jesus died and I ordered myself a mini-PCI wireless adapter for my laptop. Oh and a two SODIMM sticks of 512 meg 2700 RAM. Also for my laptop. Now I may buy myself some 5.11 tactical outerwear. For work.

Speaking of work, I am now the only hardware support human for five buildings in a New Jersey Citigroup campus. Oh joy.

Fucking Verizon.
2005-06-18 14:54:11 ET

It used to be that you could dial PIC codes from Verizon payphones. Then, when all the payphones were converted to hybrids that was lost. Recently however, a new method was found wherein one would dial a number that would hang up. After the number hangs up the payphone basically resets itself and gives you a dialtone once more. However PIC codes could be used from that dialtone. Not anymore. Now, when a called number hangs up, the phone still stays on the line and does not reset. Shit. I can't ANI fail to WATS numbers from payphones anymore. Fucking Verizon.

Me in IR
2005-04-21 21:23:46 ET

Pic taken by RTF.
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2005-04-09 13:30:19 ET

I found this on my hard drive. I seem to have made this???


I don't know what it is so I'll call it "art".

2005-04-09 10:12:51 ET

I should clarify something. The binoculars that I bought I didn't get from US Cavalry. Instead I bought them from http:/www.sportsmansguide.com (Sportsmans Guide) which, incidentally, is where I got my Sten MkIII kit from.

2005-04-08 23:30:44 ET

First off, http://www.uscav.com (US Cavalry) is a big fucking ripoff. I bought some kneepads from them. Everything there is overpriced. I payed $20 before taxes and shipping when I should have only paid $12 at the max. Oh well. Lesson learned.

On the other hand, I've bought some Barska Gladiator 10-30x50 binoculars. Now if only I could figure out how to use that damned "strap"... Anyway they cost me only $30 so that's a pretty good bargain considering KMart and Sears sell them for around $60.

What sucks is that my job is moving me out of the Citigroup building which means I won't be able to use the binocs from the top floor of a skyscraper that's facing the ocean/New Jersey. Or will I? Let's hope they won't move back into the field.

I keep forgetting to call the NYC licenses and permits division to ask about getting a rifle/shotgun license. Oh well.

In other news - I don't have anything planned for the weekend (except cleaning up my room). It shall be interesting to see what I'll do.

2005-04-05 18:04:56 ET

I was at Best Buy a few days back getting something for somebody when I saw a deacon and a nun talking to a Best Buy sales representative about buying something. Right next to them was a laptop running an audio demonstration. The song it was playing? "For Whom The Bell Tolls". I found that quite amusing.
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