Fooking Torch Cuts Fooking Trigger
2005-01-30 09:43:26 ET

It's as I feared.

If you look closely at the first pic previously posted you'd notice a cut in the trigger housing right in front and below of the rear sight ring. Whoever cut the receiver did so a little too much. There's not supposed to be a cut there. Mind you, this is would be all cosmetic damage but the fool cut deep enough to cut off a chunk of the trigger. What it cut was this:

This is a side view. That's actually a pair of "arms" used to hook onto a rivet in the trigger housing. This keeps the trigger from going too far forward. Well on mine one is completely cut off and the other "arm" is attached by a millimeter of steel. It's also bent... upwards. What this means is that the trigger, when at rest, stays too far forward thus pushing the tripping lever down a little too low so the sear can't catch the notch on the tripping lever. Grrr... looks like I'm getting a new trigger.

Trigger Assembly Troubles
2005-01-30 00:13:06 ET

Damn. It worked before. Now something's wrong. For some reason the sear wont hook into the notch on the tripping lever. I'm tired now so I'll look at it again tomorrow. Right now I'm off to sleep.

P.S. On the bright side, I can now disassemble and reassemble the trigger assembly from memory.

A Plumber's Nightmare
2005-01-29 15:29:11 ET

So, like I said before, I got the Sten Mk III parts kit. I've took a couple of pics of it but the quality of the pictures sucks major moosecock. Anyway, here it goes:


Sten Mk III
2005-01-28 10:53:56 ET

I just got the Sten parts kit in the mail. It's all covered in grease. This is so perfect. The bolt is in excellent condition (EDIT: i.e. the milled striker is intact and so is the extractor claw). The barrel looks pretty fine too (although it's encased in a chunk of receiver metal). I didn't get to check out the bore yet. I'm going to clean it a bit later. I've got 200 patches just for that. Also the trigger mechanism is mighty fine. Once i'm finished I'll lay all the parts down on some cardboard once I figure out what goes where. I'll see if I can improvise something to take pictures.

Stole it from: Antony Green
2005-01-23 20:13:30 ET

You can ask me 5 questions, anything.

No matter how personal, dirty, private or random - I have to answer them honestly. In return, you have to post this message in your own LJ and you have to answer the questions that are asked to you.

Knee High Snow and Fire Control Tower
2005-01-23 19:19:35 ET

2005-01-17 22:27:35 ET

I got bored one day and thus decided to create a fake MySpace account using a pic I stole of Arsenic. Thus was born Greg From Bulgaria. Here he is:
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