Thanksgiving Movie
2003-11-06 20:28:57 ET

Here's one for Thanksgiving:

2003-11-06 11:16:47 ET

My latest masterpiece:
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...i can't write poetry
2003-11-06 07:25:43 ET

Hitler On The Roof

Be my Eva Braun as we make it in the car
driving past the burning fields
headfirst into war

Feel your cold black lipstick on my Austrian skin
bringing me to heaven
with your darkest sin

Putting out my cigarettes
press them to your thighs
pierce my side with screaming
and a pleasurable sigh

2003-11-05 21:04:11 ET

I need a job/money. Because I am a male I guess that rules out being a paid escort for ladies fans, stripping, and camwhoring. I just might have to resort to guinea pigging. Again. Oh what fun it is to have tubes stuck in my arteries and to lay unmoving in a brain imaging machine for two hours. Oh well at least they pay.

Hot Love In Hiroshima
2003-11-03 21:51:56 ET

there's a pitcher by your picture
and a fly on the wall
i'm sitting here pruning the roses
laying out the pills and counting the doses
and watching your sillouhette burned onto the wall

they said we'd never make it and that our love
it wouldn't last
but even now forever separated i sit here dreaming
knowing that at the very least our love
survived the nuclear blast

eh wotthehell
2003-11-03 21:42:04 ET


in the depths of your eyes
humour me with your looks
touch me with leeches
and drag my blood down

sucking all the dirt away
into the red and porcelain drain
makes me close my eyes and see the light
oh what a sight

in my room
on your knees
reaching deep into your soul
and you sneeze


yes, it is about sneezing while giving head
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Damn writer's block
2003-11-03 20:21:40 ET


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