#@%& you, #@%& you, #@%& you...    2004-11-18 06:11:49 ET
While not studying when I really should be I happened to notice the dust that has settled on the keyboard of my laptop. Upon closer inspection I noticed that it is very apparent what keys I use, what ones I don't and the ones I use occasionally. I tried taking a picture but it didn't turn out so well.

I got a bit of good news this morning. After just a few more visits to physical therapy I will be put on a independent plan! :):) My shoulder has really come a long way. In just the past two weeks it has gotten a lot stronger, and I couldn't be any more excited!
It doesn't seem like it has only been 4.5 months since I had surgery. Damn.
Some things are still a little difficult to do like reaching behind my head and back and carrying heavy things, and this tingling in my thumb won't go away, but I feel closer to 100% everyday.
I should be able to snowboard this winter if I keep going at this rate! :)

Wish me look on my mega-huge essay exam for IAH today! :P

PS: I love Get Fuzzy!

 I love Canada.    2004-11-04 18:53:23 ET
For the past few years I've pondered the idea of relocating to Canada. I go there frquently for little trips here and there and I know a few people that live(d) there. This really hasn't much to do with the recent elections and everything else related to the politics of this country that I have seen or heard completely over-debated these past few months. The horse is dead; seriously.
It's mostly that I just love Canada. I love the people and everything else about that country. Canada, will you marry me?
I'm even down with the metric system. My car has a little button that switches my digital speedometer to Km, so I LOVE taking my when we go to CAN just so I can use it. I'm a loser.
I told my mom over a year ago that when I finish my degree(s) I really want to move there. Jeff has expressed intrest too. It's still close enough to my parent's that I can visit often. Canada should just take over Michigan. Honestly, I've never felt too attached to the US anyway. All of my Great-grandparents were immigrants.

     2004-10-17 21:09:09 ET
What is up with boys these days?
So far too many gals I know have had their boyfriends turn from lovey-dovey-i-love-you-need-you-can't-be-without-you to i-don't-love-you-let's-be-friends-i'm-a-fucking-retard-because-i-think-all-my-personal-probs-are-a-direct-result-of-this-relationship-but-i-can't-see-it-because-my-head-is-so-far-up-my-ass.
It's like the plague! >_<

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