I'm combusting from the inside out. shit!    2003-05-12 17:47:50 ET
One day my imagination is going to get me into trouble.
I feel no need to elaborate. I don't want to offend any rich white kids or their parents. Like it would happen anyway. I would be so cool tho. People would start fan clubs.

***It's probably best to disregard the above paragraph***

mm hm.
i finally hooked up the zip drive that i've had for 3 years now. my mom will be happy. considering that atleast 20 times a year she asks me "did you ever hook up that thingy? ya know, that thing we got you that one time."
no lie. then tomorrow i'll tell her i hooked it up and in 2 weeks i'm going to hear "did you hook that thingy up? i can't remember."
moms, can't live with 'em, wouldn't be here without 'em.

blah blah blah

jeff: pzodius fhv
jeff: what's a "pzodius"
KimberlyES15: that's a brand of fly.
jeff: a brand
KimberlyES15: yeah. man made.
jeff: what, like Spanish?
KimberlyES15: robo-fly
jeff: spanish fly
jeff: the fly

 I'm a Wannabe Gangster.    2003-05-10 17:57:16 ET
I made it into my first choice for a major! :)
I can now officially say, I am an Engineering Arts major w/ a minor in Business/Supply Chain Mangagement.
I'm so happy I could wet myself.
I even hung the letter of notification on my refridgerator door.
blah blah blah.
I had the priviledge of tearing down a Captain Morgan display at work today. It sucked. Imagine, if you will, a 6.5'-7' fiberglass and metal framed "Captain Morgan" that was no-less than fucking heavy and four Meijer workers trying to lift it off full cases of glass bottles stacked 5 feet off the floor. It was a sight. I'm surprised nothing/nobody was broken/injured.
Uhm. hmm. I'm exhausted.

Werd of the Day from The Big Book of Bodily Functions:
flaptabs [1950's+]: Ears

 Anything can happen child. Anything can be.    2003-05-08 15:34:36 ET
OOooh sweet sweet dsl. 'Bout time.

All moved into the new apartment with the Jolie-nator & the Mew Monster, who is sleeping in a pile of my clothes right now. What a helpful little kitty.

My summer semester class starts this coming Tuesday. bah. Hopefully, it will be semi-easy.
I started a new job this past Tuesday, at Big Ten Party Store. It's a local chain of stores. Surprisingly enough half the people I work with are college students at State. I figured would be working with a bunch of high school students.

I should go do something. I'm restless.

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