Canine Nazi Germany?    2005-07-06 12:40:18 ET
Vacation is over tomorrow...:[ I'm not ready to go back.

I am so fucking angry. I'm angry at Maureen Faibish, I'm angry at the owners of the 8mo. old pit that attacked the little girl in Santa Rosa, I'm angry at the old lady in Glen park who's pit attacked her son and then turned on her when she tried to intervene. Either these dogs weren't fixed, or the dogs were aggressive and the owner should have called in a behaviorist. I'm angry that I can't walk down the street with my dog without glares, mean comments, etc. HELLO, PEOPLE!!!! MY DOG DIDN"T DO ANYTHING WRONG!!!

Note to world: Please stop punishing people for what others did.

Ashby is a good dog, god dammit. She's fixed and she LOVES people. I hate that these stupid people have changed the way I look at her (instead of being silly snuggle muffin play monkey, she's something I have to fight for). I'm angry that I have to keep fighting. Every day, I have to talk to someone and try to open their eyes that, yes, it's true that pit bulls are on the top of the attack charts...but they're also the most popular dog in CA. The only reason it appears that we have a "pit problem" is because the fucking media has so blown everything out of proportion - as usual. I'm angry that in Denver, they are searching people's homes for their dogs and killing them. What is this? Canine Nazi Germany? Killing the ones that don't fit in? FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU AND YOUR ANTI-DOG IGNORANT RANTS! FUCK YOU FOR NOT EDUCATING YOURSELVES! WHY DOES EVERYONE IN THIS FUCKING COUNTRY RELY ON THE MEDIA'S OPINION ON EVERYTHING? THINK FOR YOURSELVES YOU ASSHOLES! You believe in God so much? Why don't you use the brain He gave you and form opinions of your own, huh? Humans are *supposed* to be the most intelligent of all creatures on earth...but really I think the dogs are smarter.

I'm so fucking fed up, I can't even see straight. WE HAVE A WAR GOING ON IN IRAQ, PEOPLE! I best friend is fucking out there...and we're sitting around worrying about a bunch of DOGS! WHAT THE HELL IS *WRONG* WITH YOU PEOPLE?! What? Is it old hat? Is it no longer fashionable to be upset about it? Our soldiers are STILL out there, you motherfuckers...they're dying every day, and you're worried about a few dogs? Did you know that there are approximately 24 deaths each year in dog attacks? That's for the ENTIRE COUNTRY! There's more dying every DAY in Iraq, right now, and you're worried about a bunch of fucking dogs?! There are more than that dying each day from car accidents, D.U.I.'s, lighting, skydiving, you name it, and you will most likely die from it before a dog gets you! YOU ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE HIT BY LIGHTNING THAN TO BE MAULED BY A DOG! SO GET THE FUCK OVER IT!

I constantly feel like I'm standing in the middle of a crowded room screaming, and nobody so much as glances over.

Well, if you decide to glance my way, please read this article in SFGate. Please pass it on.

 Legend of Zelda and Nine Inch Nails    2005-07-05 08:39:48 ET
I just heard NIN doing the theme for zelda, haha. phunnie.

 Petition against BSL in CA    2005-06-29 08:13:09 ET

Please sign this if you are a CA resident! :]

 Social Anxiety?    2005-06-26 09:39:00 ET
So I've noticed that any time I get invited to a party or one is thrown at my place, I get a worst fucking migraine in the whole world. Could this be a fear of people? Am I turning into a hermit? I love everyone, but when I make plans with people, my throat closes and I get really nervous, and the headache starts, so I call to cancel.

The funny thing is that I have a really people oriented job, and I'm fine on Saturdays when every stylist is working and most have 2 or more clients in the salon at one time. No fear there. No problems talking to my clients, in fact, I think I have improved on the quietness factor with my clients...esp. when they bring up dogs.

So what's wrong with me? Why am I more comfortable hanging out with perfect strangers than with people I've known for 5 years or more?

I bet some of you have wondered why I haven't been calling, or why I always flake at the last minute. Well, here's your answer. Psycho-sematic manifestations of migraines when presented with social situations?


 Caffeinated    2005-06-24 10:21:30 ET
I woke up with a coffee headache this morning. So I had some coffee...and now it's gone, but I'm chewing on my toungue. I forgot how strong the boy makes coffee, as I'm usually the one to make it.

Work is going well. I go on commission in about a week. Scary stuff, man. I'm excited, cuz that means I can be lazy between clients, and am not forced into working 8 hr. days.

I picked up the new NIN album the other day. I really enjoy it. It's got live drums... David Grohl does the drumming for the first 6 songs. OO! And they're coming back to the bay area in Oct. WOOT! I haven't missed them after all. I have another chance!! YAYAYAY! Unfortunately, the Dresden Dolls were only on the first part of their tour, but I don't care. I just want to see NIN live, dammit. I missed them when they played with David Bowie (back in High School, when there was no way in hell I would be allowed to go to a concert, let alone a NIN concert), and then last time when they played in '00, I was on a Plane listening longingly to the album.

I also picked up Gwen Stefani's new album. It's really not bad at all. It's definately "butt-wigglin'" music. Kind of like Madonna meets Pink.

Also among my rather large purchase was I Heart Huckabees. Anyone who hasn't seen that movie should drop everything they're doing right now and go rent it. It is a hilarious existential comedy.

On the Pit Bull front, I'm preparing letters to send to my legislators re: BSL in CA. Thankfully the amendment specifically says that no bans on any breed will be instated if the amendment goes through, but allowing any kind of BSL can lead to a new amendment in the future.

Ugh...too much coffee and not enough food...I go fix that now before I chew all my fingernails off.

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