Chocolate Glitter Woman    2004-12-13 19:07:16 ET
So I'm going out to DG tonight. I am so excited I'm shedding glitter everywhere and I smell like chocolate...cuz that's what the glitter spray smells like. HOORAY FOR GLITTER! It's so damn cheerful.

Glitter glitter glitter glitter....CHOCOLATE GLITTER WOMAN!!!


     2004-12-12 23:18:08 ET
So I deleted my last entry because it was written at a really difficult time...but I'm better now. I just wish I could erase the past just as easily.
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 Ok, ok, a real entry then...    2004-12-08 13:11:06 ET
...although it won't be much more than bitching...Let me just say right now, that i need a fucking vacation. Or at least just an extra day or two....away from our economy, a few days off would mean not being able to pay rent...

I'm sick...again...and for the same reasons as above, I can't take any time off to get better...not to mention that they chased away yet another assistant, so it's just me and one other girl who is way more tempermental than i would have ever thought and who doesn't seem to like to be part of a "team"...which is the only way this assisting thing can work....but so far, i only felt like i was part of a team when Emma was there...and she left months ago.

However, I am going on the floor, which is nice. I just wish I could get the questions about my schedule answered, so i can turn it in and start booking people....specially since i have to do 16 free haircuts in the first week. It's like "hello, can we be organized, please? Otherwise I will suffer for your mistakes...again."

Ok, so I dont know what's going on, but my computer is being hella slow and it's pissing me off, so I need to not be on it anymore. Damn stupid machines.
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 So finally, i update...and for what?    2004-12-08 12:54:47 ET
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 (x) I am boring    2004-11-08 16:24:19 ET
(x) I have been drunk
(x) I have kissed a member of the opposite sex
(x) I have kissed a member of the same sex
( ) I crashed a friend's car
( ) I have lived Japan
(x) I rode in a taxi
(x) I have been in love
(x) I've had sex
(x) I've had sex in public
(x) I've shoplifted
( ) I have been fired
(x) I have cut myself on purpose
(x) I have been in a fist fight
( ) I've had a 3-some
(x) I've snuck out of my parent's house
(x) I have been tied up
( ) I have been caught masturbating
( ) I have been arrested
(x) I've made out with a stranger
(x) I've stolen something from my job
( ) I've celebrated New Year's in Time Square
(x) I've gone on a blind date
(x) I've had a crush on a teacher
( ) I've celebrated Mardi-Gras in New Orleans
( ) I have lived in Europe
(x) I've skipped school
( ) I've slept with a co-worker
( ) I have thrown up in a bar
( ) I have purposely set myself on fire
(x) I have eaten sushi
( ) I have been snowboarding
( ) I have been snow skiing
( ) I have made a snow angel
(x) I have been happy with myself
(x) I have met a movie star
(x) I had sex in a pool
(x) I went to a prom
( ) I've bungee jumped
(x) I have been to a pop concert
(x) I have dated someone for over a year
( ) I sold naked pictures of myself
(x) I have been in a car accident
(x) I have slept in the nude
(x) I've eaten cheesecake
( ) I've had jury duty
(x) I've hated someone without knowing them
( ) I have lived to Maine
(x) I've shot a real gun
( ) I've ran around with my trousers around my ankles
(x) I've had sex with someone within a week of meeting them
( ) I've done ecstasy
( ) I've gotten my ass kicked
(x) I've been caught smoking
( ) I've milked a cow
( ) I've got in a verbal fight with a teacher
( ) I've cheated on someone
( ) Lied one time in this survey
( ) Lied more then once in this survey
( ) Threw a party at a friends house when they were gone
( ) Partied every weekend for the last month
(x) Sniffed markers to get high
(x) Slept for more than 15 hours at a time
( ) Petted a live wild animal
( ) Kissed someone in the snow
( ) Found a four leaf clover
(x) Gave your parents the finger behind a closed door
( ) Gotten drunk in Germany
(x) Cried in public
( ) Cried in public in the last 5 days
(x) Been hit on by a member of the same sex
(x) Been asked to perform oral sex by a complete stranger (But I didn't!)
( ) Have unknowingly been the other man/woman in a relationship
(x) Have knowingly been the other man/woman in a relationship
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(x) Bitched at someone
(x) Been bitched at
(x) Saved a friend from a bad situation
(x) Went to a baseball game
(x) Went to a football game
(x) Went to a basketball game
(x) Spent the weekend at a friend's
(x) Sucked my thumb
( ) Purposefully failed a grade
(x) Got picked on in school
( ) Dressed like the popular kids
( ) Joined the military (Almost did)
(x) Been to the beach
( ) Had a TY Beanie collection
(x) Had a blonde moment
(x) Love your mom
(x) Love your dad
( ) Gotten along with a step-parent
(x) Gotten a piercing
(x) Told a friend you didn't like their boyfriend/girlfriend
(x) Confronted your parents
(x) And lived to see the next day
( ) Liked Barnie
( ) Liked Teletubbies
(x) Bought a friend a gift
(x) And still haven't sent it yet
( ) Is innocent
(x) Is perverted
(x) Bought something but never used it
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