::dusts off journal::    2005-01-24 07:59:53 ET
Well, hello...It's been busy over here in Shanland. Lets see...

I don't really want to go into detail about everything, just cuz there is a place and time for everything, and I'm not entirely sure posting in a public area about certain things would be appropriate...but suffice to say that I'm dating someone new, now...hooray for new relationships! n'stuff. It's great and exciting and all that new relationshippy stuff.

I think I already posted about being on the floor at my salon...Let's hear it for cutting hair instead of sweeping it up! :D It's been going great...btw, if anyone wants a fabulous cheap haircut, I'm doing haircuts for $25, atm. It'll go up to $41 in mid feb.

This lady came in on Saturday. She was the sweetest person I've ever had the pleasure of working on. When she was younger, she was in a horrible fire, and to this day still has severe scarring on her neck...and all her life, hairstylists have told her that she couldn't have anything but a one length haircut if she wanted to continue to be able to cover them as much as possible...which does nothing to flatter her beautiful face or give her confidence. She sat down in my chair and I told her that her hair was more than thick enough to have layers and movement and texture, and we could even do a sweeping bang in the front to frame her face...when she left, her hair was no longer limp and flat...it had movement and volume...it was hip and modern...and she loved it so much that she went up to Peter (the owner) and told him how fabulous she thought I was. It really made me feel like I'd accomplished something...the satisfaction I got from making her so happy...there's just no comparison. I don't want to sound new agey or cheesy or whatever, but it really solidified in my heart why it is I became a hairstylist in the first place.

Ok, well I'm covering the desk as we are short a receptionist, and the phone is starting to ring off the hook. So i will have to cut this shorter than expected...more later :P

 Qua?    2004-12-20 19:59:10 ET
Is it really possible that I might get to sleep at a decent hour tonight?

...AND have clean laundry??? ::blink, blink::

I don't think this has ever happened before. I really should be at a bar watching The Red Elvis's show...or at a club dancing my booty off...But I will have clean socks to wear tomorrow...and that is almost as cool.

     2004-12-20 17:00:13 ET
So, as I said before, i'm going on the floor in Jan...and i will be cutting lotsa hair.

The first week, I will be doing free haircuts all week, and have 18 appointments to fill, first come first serve. Because I'm a new stylist, I am still a bit of a slowpoke, so depending on the kind of hair you have, and the kind of haircut you want, the appointment could take up to two hours, but it's free for you and good experience for me, so why not, right?

This is only for the first week of January, however, and after that I will be charging $25. If you won't be in town, or aren't interested, tell a friend who might be :]

If you are interested, please call Peter Thomas Hair Design (located at 1700 Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley) at: 510.843.0697.

Thanks! :D

 Weekday off??    2004-12-15 08:30:18 ET
What does one do with oneself on a Wednesday at 10am?

 Diary of a dancing feind    2004-12-14 08:09:11 ET
I did my groove thing. Oh, yes...I got my booty out on the dance floor and didn't leave...well...ok, that's not entirely true. I did spend some time mingling (IT WAS SO AWESOME TO SEE EVERYONE!) outside with people I remember and people that are new. I felt so old school, haha...I even got hit on by a cute boy, although I wasn't totally prepared for it. He's a cutiepie, but I'm not really interested, atm.

Melanie showed me off to some of her new friends. I felt like a princess, it was great, haha :] She would introduce me like, "This is my amazonian sister, Shan...See?? She's, like three inches taller than me! Wouldn't you pay huge amounts of money to see us do eachother?" haha. Or, "This is my Shan. She's the coolest!"

I dearly needed that, and had a great time. OO! And one of the best parts...they played one of my all time favorite songs. Burn by Sister Machine Gun. It was fabu! The DJ didn't take it easy on my poor out of shape bod. Three songs in a row, and I hurt dreadfully, but it was worth it. Must get out more often. Must, must, must, dammit.

Ok...back to bed with me. I'm playing hookie from school...It's just a holiday party, and I think it's ridiculous that it's mandatory. So I'm staying home with my piznuppy...and coffees with friends later! YAY! :D i missed being social!

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