Stolen from Femmorpheus:    2004-05-08 17:55:59 ET
last cigarette(Cigar): five minutes ago
last kiss: this morning
last good cry: sometime in January
last library book checked out: some silly bodice ripper
last movie seen: Love Actually
last book read: War of the Oaks, i dont remember the author
last cuss word uttered: fuckin'
last beverage drank: does the milk from my cheerios count?
last food consumed: cheerios
last phone call: Dylan (loki)
last tv show watched: Black Books
last shoes worn: black army boots
last cd played: Tool, but that was ages ago (the only reason i know, is cuz it was in my computer still).
last item bought: An obscene amount of hair for the extensions I'm doing.
last downloaded: you know, i have no idea...dont download much
last annoyance: my ankle hurting
last disappointment: finding out i still have to go to class on my vacation.
last soda drank: Sunkist Orange Soda
last thing handwritten: my assisting hours for payroll
last word spoken: oh, man...
last sleep: from 2am last night to 8:30 this morning
last im: dylan
last weird encounter: buying my lunch
last ice cream eaten: vanilla with chocolate sauce and peanutbutter.
last amused: imagining throwing dirty socks across the bart train at Waylon to get his attention.
last time in love: currently :]
last time hugged: this morning
last time scolded: thursday
last chair sat in: my office chair
last lipstick used: clear lip, strawberry flavored lip gloss
last shirt worn: Night Before Christmas cami featuring Sarah
last time dancing: last time i worked at Body Rapture
last poster looked at: Cats promo poster on my wall
last show attended: The Traumedies at the Stork Club
last webpage visited:
1 HOUR AGO: Spending an obscene amount of $ on hair.
1 DAY AGO: on my way home from work
1 WEEK AGO: out to dinner for my bday with parental units
1 YEAR AGO: probably working at starbuckies

current clothes: no shoes or socks, sweat pants and my sarah cami
current mood: tired, unmotivated
current music: Tool (it started playing when i put it back in my puter)
current taste: sour cheerios
current hair: chin length A-line, cherry black
current annoyance: Don't want to do anything, but have many things to do
current smell: my feet
current thing I should be doing: working on outlines for Waylon
current desktop picture: a photo of this cute li'l puppy trying to look evil...the caption says "This is Fluffy...he is the destroyer of worlds"
current refreshment: none atm
current worry: not charging enough for the extensions im doing tomorrow
1. What do you most like about your body? my arm...but its not natural
2. And least? my legs
3. How many fillings do you have?: 0
4. Do you think you're good looking?: yeah, i think im pretty. but ask me tomorrow and my answer may be different :P
5. Do other people tell you that you're good looking? yeah...but i dont always listen :P

 blast    2004-05-08 07:31:47 ET
I miissed my freakin bus by one I will be 15 min late :[

 thousand year old dust bunnies    2004-05-06 12:03:46 ET
My project today is to clean and organize the island...a little storage area in the salon, camoflauged by mirrors and counters on the outside. There's a small crawlspace for an entrance...and when I say small, I mean, I can barely fit through the opening.

Anyhow the trouble is that it hasn't been organized, or cleaned, for at least 7 years. Its like an archeological dig, which is fascinating, but the dust bunnies are actually not bunnies at all. They are buffalos and they scare me.

However, it is a project that will keep me occupied all day. I've spent two hours in there already (I had to take a break because other assistants needed their lunch breaks, including myself), and its only about a third of the way done. I hope I can finish it today. I made a lot of headway, so here's hopin.

Anyhow...lunch break is almost over. But can I just say how grateful I am that the nazi doesn't come in before 11, usually? She was here training the new assistant this morning, and man...nothin like trying to do your job with someone watching your every move, waiting for you to make a mistake...which, ofcourse, prompts you to make one that you would never normally make.
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 mmmmmbeer    2004-05-04 08:47:00 ET
Went drinking with my roomate last night...we drank three pitchers of beer, went to go get nachos, came back and had an irish car bomb each, went and got hot dogs, then stumbled back to bart...I twisted my ankle twice in a row and almost fell over...and its miraculously fine this morning. Ok..well, its a little sore.

The rest of the night is a blurry haze...mmmmmmdrinkin.

 ::pouts::    2004-04-30 17:50:28 ET
the boy is out of town...this makes me sad...:,[

but as a result of the boy being out of town, I get to hang out with the wee one exclusively for a few days...this makes me smile :]

however, I am totally ready for him to come back, even though he's having a blast out there in the big apple.


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