A revelation of sorts    2004-07-10 08:51:46 ET
I've figured it out. I think. Why work makes me so miserable. Aside from the fact it's work, ofcourse.

Angela, the soon to be gone assistant (she's moving, dammit :[), told me today that she thinks people at my salon are very cold. When I think about it, with the exeption of a few, she's very right, and is most likely why I feel like an outcast most of the time.

She said that back home, people were always very nice, never treated anyone like they were invisible, or like they were a machine. It's very true that the assistants at my salon are treated like slaves most of the time, and most of the stylists that treated us like people, not machines, have left or are leaving.

This makes me wonder about my career here. How people automatically blame assistants for things, how no matter how hard we work, its never enough. How, if an assistant is having a slow day, and they're kind of not with it, its unacceptable, but stylists are mooned over and sympathized with when the same happens to them.

Ugh. I don't know...its making me crazy, but, being an assistant myself, there's nothing I can really do. We're treated like children and our concerns are usually taken lightly.

Anyhow, back into the monster's mouth, I go.
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 Here we go :]    2004-06-13 20:48:18 ET
The process has been set in motion...I am gonna be the mommy of the very cutest, very most fantabulous creature that ever walked the earth.

My girl is coming to live with me! :]

I'm getting more and more excited as the idea sinks in and the logistics seem to fade away. It will be very stressful at first, especially since we have His Catness. But he will put her in her place, I'm sure, and things will work out.

Yesh. N'stuff.

 Helpful Advice:    2004-06-12 15:21:43 ET
Never invite anyone to go grocery shopping with you unless it's your mother.

I had a plan to go grocery shopping today after work, and I had the bright idea to call my roomate and ask if he'd like to come...mainly to help me carry stuff home :P but now I'm waiting on him, as he was supposed to hang with a friend of his who has a car, and he's waiting on her to see if she can be bribed.

So here I sit...waiting...when I could be at the grocery store by now. Nice going, right? Haha.

This has become way more complicated than it needed to be :P
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 Ants in my pants    2004-06-09 12:33:47 ET
I'm all antsy today and it sucks...a lot.

Had a lot of fun last night, tho. Went to go see Stan Ridgeway up the street from my house. Drunken stumbling distance...and drunkenly stumble, we did :P

I almost got into two fights yesturday. This, coming from me, is very shocking, as I am the most passive person I know. It's all Nesa's fault, I think :P The first were these two big black guys making lewd comments at me, which prompted me to tell them both to go fuck themselves.

The second, more entertaining, Loki stepped on this guy's feet on accident in the liquer store...someone a little bigger than him with an attitude like, "Someone smaller than me?! I'm gonna fuck with him!" Loki politely apologized which only got a "You stepped on my fuckin' shoes, dog." In response. Not to mention, who can take people pretending they're "ghetto" seriously. So when he came out, I shouted at him, "Why don't you buy cheaper shoes, you stupid motherfucker, instead of picking on people who are smaller than you? That's right, motherfucker, I'm talking to you! Why don't you come over here and finish the shit you started, huh? I could kick your ass and I'm a girl! Pussy ass sissy wimp!" At which point, he just got into his car and pretended he was going to run us over. So I told him to grow a dick. I mean, really. People who get that upset over their shoes ought to be driving something a little more swanky than a beat up old toyota pickup that's smaller than my fingernail.

It felt good to scare the shit out of that fool. That's what he gets for messin' with mah honey.


Anyhow...so that's my crazy story...yay.

 This is all White Rabbit's fault :P    2004-05-31 20:13:44 ET
Everyone who reads this has to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. ask me anything you want. then i want you to go to your journal, copy & paste this, allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything....

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