Georgia On My Mind...    2006-02-12 12:51:39 ET
So I've been in GA since last monday. It's really cool out here. Everyone is so nice. "Southern Hospitality" certainly does exist...except at the Atlanta Airport. Those people are jerks.

Anyhow, so I've been having the time of my life out here with my nes, meeting her friends and finding time for my Elisabeth. Nes just eloped with her BF on Jan. 31, and they have begun the complicated task of planning their actual wedding. I will be her maid of honor :D YAY! I get to wear a pretty dress and strut down the aisle...well, maybe I'll saunter or stroll...strutting may not be appropriate for a southern wedding.

I managed to catch myself a nice cold the other day. Fever and all. Thanks to Airborne, however, it's been reduced (very quickly, I might add) to the sniffles and a slight tickle in my throat. Woot for small miracles and school teachers inventing cold medicine.

We managed to find, courtesy of Miss Elisabeth, Savannah's only goth club. That was interesting. It was like what I would imagine a goth high school dance to be with the added benefit of booze, complete with all of the characters one might find in a larger scene.

Anyhow, gotta take Nesa's piznuppy out...Her hubby adopted a black lab puppy named Sophie, who is about 3 months old, now.

 Harumph    2006-01-10 15:47:32 ET
My sidekick died completely today, and not in the "it needs charging" kind of way. It's been acting funky for a few days, now, and finally died this afternoon.

So, for lack of better judgement on my part, I have ordered a new phone, although it's not a sidekick (alas alack anon), but it is durable and will hopefully be able to survive my abusive clumsiness. It arrives next week sometime. I am actually really excited to be getting a new toy, but am sad that it isn't going to be the Sidekick II, as I'd hoped. C'est la vie.

Anyhow, so if any of you reading this have been planning on calling me on my cel before next friday, my home phone instead (I give it on my current outgoing message).

It is a sad day, indeed, when your sidekick dies.

Oy vey.

 If a Dog's Prayers Were Answered...    2005-12-29 08:53:35 ET
...Bones Would Rain From the Sky.

This book is amazing. Suzanne Clothier has really spent a lot of time studying dogs. I know I was concerned before about her not going into the "pack" mentality of dogs, but as I've read, she's going more and more in depth about doggy psychology. I've learned a lot about Ashby that I didn't know before, making me regret things I've even considered trying, as well as things I've done at a trainer's advice. If a dog is acting strangely, there is something they're trying to tell you. Not like Lassy or anything, but about what they need/want. She looks to me for all of these answers. Her sun rises and sets on me, and my actions/reactions to her. We have solved many behavioral issues (on her behalf as well as mine) from reading this book, and I'm only half way through it! Really, it's the human that needs the training, not the dog, which is something I learned many months ago in doggy class, and was confirmed through reading this book, but to a much, much larger degree.

One of my favorite quotes (there are so many, but this one really hit home to me), thus far, is: "A dog will always tell you the truth...If you could ask a dog 'How are you?' and receive an answer of 'Feeling great, thanks!' that is an answer you could bet the farm on without placing anything in jeopardy. Ask a human that same question, and while you may get the same jolly answer, that person may be concealing their anxiety..."

It's easy to project dishonesty onto our dogs, because we deal with dishonesty every day with our fellow humans. "Dogs are incapable of lying..." She goes on to say "Not because of any moral obligations, but because it is not in their vocabulary to be dishonest...While we should be more than a little grateful for animal honesty, no merit should be assigned for not doing what you are incapable of doing anyhow; it's kind of like congratulating a blind man for not ogling a naked woman."

Dog's are such refreshing creatures, n'est pas? It's awesome to finally realize that Ashby's "stubborness" is not stubborness at all, but, in fact, a clear message that I'm not receiving, such as, "I don't understand.", "Make it relevant to me, why is this important?" or, "There's something wrong that you don't know about." It's like learning a foreign language for both of us, and the only phrases we know are, "Where's the toilet?" or "I need a drink." To which, she adds, "However, only a dog would combine those two questions together into one cognitive sentence."

Yesh. I will be emailing her about how awesome she is.

 Kitchenware, Cooking, Hair, and UTI's    2005-12-26 15:44:17 ET
Christmas was soooo nice yesturday. My parents always make such an effort to make it special, no matter that I'm 24 :P I'm really excited about this book they got me that tells about all of the pagan sabbats/holidays, traditional games/food and bits of history. It's awesome. I have another one similar to that called "The Faery Party Book" that I also like a lot, but this one goes into so much more detail. It even has different embroidery patterns to make for each sabbat, which will be spectacular for when I quit smoking. The book says that the patterns they give are really simple and easy for beginners. WOO! Here's for another new hobby that will come from quitting smoking (last time I quit, I started reading again). This was the christmas for kitchenwares. I also got a bunch of potholders/oven mitts, a cooling rack, a cookie sheet (which I got early), a FREAKIN' TOASTER!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!! and the Sabbat book which, as I said, has a lot of mouth-watering recipes in it. OH yes...and lots and lots of CHOCOLATE. Not forgetting, of course, the usual scotch tape and pens (a tradition that started because I was the household tape and pen theif. I also used to get socks for the same reason).

The only thing that really sucks is that I ended up with a UTI somehow. It started showing up yesturday, and has gotten progressively worse. It's now at the point where I went out and got the pain meds for it. Hooray for orange pee!!! :D So I'm waiting for my prescription to be ready from the pharmacy, and I will be picking it up promptly. Thank god for over-the-phone treatment. Gods know I've had enough UTI's in my lifetime to know when I've got one.

I was supposed to go to the city and do some hair today, but, unfortunately, that won't be happening. It'll be tomorrow, instead. Cutting and coloring, hooray! :D Private clients are awesome :]

On another good note, Waylon got a gift cert. to Trader Joe's from his momma, so much grocery shopping was had. A few weeks ago, my parents gave me a cookbook that is specifically designed for couples who live together, including a separate set of instructions for each person to follow to get the meal prepared. We went through and found ones that sounded relatively easy, and made a meal schedule and ingredients list. Muwahaha! Horray for organization. Food plans are always difficult for us because it's usually chicken or pasta, and I can't tell you how much we loath those two items, atm. We bought almost no chicken this time, save for this yummy frozen mandarin orange chicken thing. YUM. ANyhow, so when we went in, we knew exactly what we were looking for, and didn't deviate from the list except for the orange chicken, peanut butter and jelly (which I think we had in stock when I made the list, hence my failure to note it). Amazingly, we didn't use up the whole gift card, even while getting enough food for two weeks.

Waylon has a friend over right now, and it's a little embarassing because I really don't feel like being social...which is why I'm in my room smoking cigaretts, drinking cranberry juice and posting journal entries :P

Anyhow, time to check for my prescription again :]
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 *steeeretch*    2005-12-09 09:21:43 ET
Mrowr. I feel like a lazy kitten today. I lounged and dozed for three hours, and it was so nice. I haven't done that in ages.

Waylon and I watched American Psycho last night. It's not the first time I've seen it, but I just have to say for the record: Sure it's gruesome, and a little disturbing, but more than that, it's a fascinating look into the bizarre world of the upper class. In some ways it reminds me of Fellini's La Dolce Vita.

/end pompous film review.

It's dogmas shopping today with my momma. She lost her little fur-baby guinea pig yesturday. He was the last of the ones we had when I was still living there. She has no plans of getting any more, any time soon. They just live long enough to steal your heart, and then they're gone. They're almost a traumatizing pet to have. Not like dogs or cats who live an average of 8-15, sometimes even 20 years. This week with all the pet deaths (a friend's kitty, and another friend's cousin's doglet, who was also of the pittie variety), it really put into perspective Ashby's mortality. Sometimes I take her for granted, the little jewel that she is. Thankfully, she's young, still and, theoretically, has a lot of time left in this world, but you never know. It will be a long, hard healing process for all that love her when she passes (which is virtually anyone who knows her. The cheesy saying "To know me is to love me" fits her well. Mainly I think it's because she demands it.)

Speaking of Ashby. Although we really have no idea when she was actually born, we *do* know that she was about four months old when Dylan found her in April of 2002. I've been doing a little research about the two possible zodiac signs she could be. Talking from what the vet said about her age, the time she was found, and her personality, I think she was born in the middle of the month of Jan. So, in my uneducated opinion, I think she was born on the cusp, as both Capricorn and Aquarious fit her very well, although it's hard to say without the possibility of knowing her ascending sign, which, I suppose I could figure out, but it will take a great deal of time. So, for now, I will say that Jan 21st is her tentative birthday, barring further research. I will be throwing a birthday party for her this year for the first time. We will drink lots of alcohol, probably smoke some pot, and give the Ashby girl lotsa lovins. I may even get someone to BBQ. I also hope to reunite Ashby with her long-lost doggie friend, Effie, for a day around this time. I will make a dog-friendly cake for her (that people can eat, too), but this will take some experimentation, and I will have a plan B lined up if humans find it repulsive, which is entirely possible.

Anyhow. Gotta get ready for the dogmas shopping! YAY! More info on Ashby-birthday party soon :]

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