Eep    2006-05-10 07:45:12 ET
So I decided yesturday I'm going to plan this thing. A benefit for the power breeds of the canine world, honoring, in particular, the pitties. Who knows if it will happen this way, but I want there to be a hair/fashion show, and people doing haircuts and dog grooming on the side. The two main purposes of this thing is to promote awareness about the breeds that the world once loved but now fear, and to raise monies for Bad Rap and the Milo Foundation.

Preliminary Planning is coming along ok. Before I do anything, I need to find a venue, I think. I really don't know what the first step is for something like this...Mayhap that's why I didn't do it before. Well, that, and the whole fear thing. This is so much bigger than me, it's all so scarylike.

I've got my letters written, I have the adresses. Now, I just need to meet with some people who know things about this kind of stuff. Anyone? I also need to get a budget together, so I can start asking people who have lots of money if they'd like to be my "sugar daddy"...but, hopefully, without the sugar :P I already have a person or two in mind...and one secret person, if I can get past all of his executives and agents and whatnot, that I think could be a major player...if I can just get him notice little old me. I may be setting my sights high, but better to set them too high and not achieve what was possible, than to set them too low and not even try for it.

I think the scariest part about this thing is that I'm this nobody that no one has ever heard of before, least of all these people I'm asking to be my guests of honor/main audience pullers...and the media.

Jeepers. I feel like a little fawn inside. But I'm gonna do it...and it's going to be wonderful. Alright...who wants to volunteer? ;]

 PHEW    2006-04-17 13:24:35 ET
I don't know if it's psychosymatic or what...but I'm loving this "extra energy" and "easy breathing" thing from not smoking. Not to mention that they're right. It does get easier every day. When I look at how hard it was that first day and compare it to today, the difference is vast in my temptation levels. Even though I jokingly ask Waylon for cigarettes when I'm stressed.

Anyhow...Ashby is diggin my new excersize regimen (walking her), and we did a big one. My goal is to be able to get up to Tilden and be able to hike through there, too. We started building our stamina a little bit today. We walked from my place all the way to Cedar and Euclid...which is almost to Tilden...maybe a half mile or so away. WHen I got home, I went on mapquest to see how far we'd traveled. 6.04 miles total, since we took a detour down telegraph to Pet Food Express on the way home. That was so much fun. I've never enjoyed a walk with Ashby so much in my life. A lot of it is thanks to the new walking technique, and finally...after four or so years...figuring out the proper way to use and fit a pinch collar :P I was encouraged, too...for some of the walk, I just used her flat collar, and she did pretty well. Better than usual, anyway. My ultimate goal is to be able to eliminate the pinch collar all together...and I feel like we're on our way :D

Ok...time for late lunch...Ciao!

 End of Quit Day, Beginning Day 1    2006-04-07 04:41:36 ET
I am a nonsmoker (again). YAY! The only thing that really, really sucks is this:

When you smoke, the heat of the smoke burns the back of your throat (that nice burny feeling when you inhale), the nicotine, being the powerful drug that it is, numbs that area for you so other than that quick little rush, you don't feel it... when you quit smoking, you feel like you've been eating rose bushes. I don't remember this happening last time I quit :/

More incentive not to fall off the wagon, right? I totally never want to go through this shit again.

Ok...time for some mint tea and waking uppins of the boy.

 New Rule    2006-03-24 07:02:57 ET
No smoking in the house. As part of my preparing to become a non-smoker, I am no longer smoking in the house. Let me tell ya...I want one...but I'm not having one...and the three cigs that Waylon left for me will last considerably longer because of it. The class as a whole is going well, I think. I feel much more motivated to quit because others will be doing it with me.

Anyhow, so my project last week was to pick one work day and one off day and write down before every cigarette when I smoke, why I'm smoking, how large my craving is, what I expected to get from the cigarette and if I got it. This week, I have to keep track of every cigarette I smoke from the end of class last night to the beginning of class next week. It's gonna be a long's already becoming annoying, haha. Especially because I'm appalled at how much I've smoked. I looked at my list this morning, and I've somehow managed to smoke 15 cigarettes between class last night and right now. If it takes 5 min to smoke a cigarette, that's like chainsmoking for an hour and fifteen min. That's fucking gross, man. My other project is to change five things about how/when I smoke. Not smoking in the house is one, switching to a brand I hate is the next, and I'm not sure what the other three will be, yet...Oh! No smoking right after "at home" meals. I'm going to walk the dog instead. Also, in the am, I will do all of my dental care stuff before I have my coffee...which will be working in better gum care into my quit smoking habits! WOO! Two birds with one stone!

All of this has helped considerably. I think about smoking before I do it, now, where as before I'd just light up. I also don't chainsmoke anymore, not even at work. My cough is better, much to Waylon's and my relief, and my confidence that I'll quit and stay quit is growing with every week. I done be stoked, yo. Now...I can't wait to get to the craft store and buy stuff to fiddle with.

In other news, my sickness seems to be gone. I had to go home from work tuesday because I wasn't feeling well, which sucked. But I feel a thousand times better now. Yesturday, too. YAY! It feels good to feel "normal" again.

Anyhow, the dog is asking if I will please take her potty, thank you, so I'll be going...No cigarette until after that, tho :D YAY FOR NOT SMOKING!

 She woke up with blood in her hair...    2006-03-18 08:51:32 ET
I, really. I woke up with blood in my hair this morning...I dont know where it came from, who it's from or what happened to make it go there. Eeew.

So, we hosted Dylan's Birthday shebang which rivaled the NYE party we threw earlier in the year. With one exception: BALLOONS! Waylon had a random bag of party balloons hangin out in the junk drawer, so he put them on the coffee table to see what would happen. Before we knew it, our apt. looked like something out of a '60's balloon party....until Ashby discovered how much fun it is to pop them.

Much fun was had by all, and I think the parties we host are becoming notorious. Which means we now have a reputation to uphold...which is fucking cool. So someday, when we own our mansion/dream house, they will be even better.

Random note: Much to my relief, I have just discovered that the blood in my hair is not blood at all...but dried chocolate from the bday cake. Phew.

Anyhow...time to sign off and get dressed. Someday I will post pics from not only this party, but the NYE party as well :D

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