2006-06-13 07:39:25 ET
I watched the infamous "Meet Your Meat" video last night. If I was wishy washy before about not eating meat, I'm stone cold cement about it, now. Ofcourse, I had some idea of the abuse these poor animals endure, but seeing it is something completely different. Want to torture your own soul? Even Waylon is now wanting to become a vegetarian.

Anyhow, so free time today is spend looking up vegetarian recipes and making a shopping list. I did, however, find a recipe for vegetarian pad thai...WOOT! :D

 Oh, help and bother...    2006-06-11 08:43:35 ET
So when our friend moved back to Italy, we inherited her bike...which is uber exciting because it actually fits me and my amazonness. I went to go buy a lock and a kick stand for it, and found out that the drive train is pretty much shot. Thankfully, it's not a repair that gets more expensive over time, cuz no matter what, it will still need to be replaced ;P

Anyway, I guess it died on poor Waylon yesturday...or at least, got a lot worse because somehow the back wheel got out of whack and was stuck against the frame. I re-adjusted it, which made me feel like wonder woman, tee hee, and it works, now, but I'm not entirely certain that it's safe to ride, esp since the wheel seems to have popped out of alignment so easily.

Enter my hero fix-it daddums! He's going to come and look at it today re: the back wheel, and maybe tighten that up for me, so we don't have to pay the repair guys to do it...then we're taking it down to get repaired. My dad pretends to be annoyed, but really, I know he loves to come to my rescue...it makes him feel like I'm still his little girl :P

Ok...off to walk the doglet.

 Dreddies    2006-06-06 12:55:31 ET
I miss my dreds today. I emailed my extension guru lady and asked her if she still does them, cuz they were a pain in my ass when I only had half a head of hair...I can't imagine what it'd be like to do them with a full head. If she can't do it, I might ask one of my coworkers if they'd be willing to learn.

Anyhow...I've been feeling really antsy lately...and anxious/nervous. Don't know what thats about. Mayhap I should quit drinking coffees.

oophs....too long sitting in one spot.
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 hrm    2006-05-24 15:36:48 ET
One month, two weeks, and three days since i quit smoking. I barely think about it anymore. Oddly enough, I think I became a better hairstylist by quitting smoking. Mainly because it's easier to focus on someone without the underlying cravings.

No word, yet, on the venue. I hope they don't just ignore me.

ok...going nappy time now.

 LOOK AT ME!!! I'M FANCY!    2006-05-22 07:25:27 ET

Bully My Heart

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! Oh, yes...and give me all your money ;]

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