2006-06-28 18:56:24 ET
I exercised this am for a whole hour...it was refreshing. You are supposed to have a day of rest between workouts...which means I took four...but I got on it this am, and it was good. Let's see if I can do it on friday...

Waylon has made friends with a french filmmaker who, at first, was going to fly him to France to help with a TV show pilot he's trying to do. Turns out that's not going to happen, but he wants Waylon to edit the film. This guy's boat is a good one to get on because he is very ambitious and energetic. I, however, am hiding because I normally get sucked along for the ride, and I almost did this time, too. I have too many changes going on in my life, atm, and I can't possibly handle another project. Even if it's as simple as doing a logo for this chap. Focus is the hour of the day in my life, atm. In any case, let's hope Ashby or I don't have to pee soon, and that he doesn't stay long.

In other news, for those of you who don't know: Waylon's sister, Amber, is moving in with us in August. I feel like this is a huge step because, even though Waylon and I have been sharing an apartment since before we got together, we've continued to have our own rooms, which I really dug. However, due to financial difficulty, and Amber's necessity for roomates come August, I have conceded and we are finally "moving in together". The nice thing is that I remember having Amber as a housemate years ago when I lived in the cottage in the back of Waylon's mom's house and it was pretty cool; she's an interesting character, and I hope her presence here will bring me out of my shell a little. As well, all of our bills will be cheaper and Waylon and I will be able to breathe again, possibly putting some money away in the process for our trip to Italy next year. Phew, huh? I hope so.

In any case, there's a lot that needs to be done on our apartment before Amber can move in including getting rid of a lot of stuff, reorganizing to maximize space, etc...it's intimidating, but it can be done.

Dude...I'm trying to lay low, but Ashby keeps barking at them, and she's giving us away, the little brat. I wish he would leave already ;/ That's mean of me, I know...I also know that it's rude for me to hide like this. I sort of feel like a skittish cat hiding under the bed, but someone wants to pet me...which is odd in it's self because I'm hiding with a dog...ow, I'm not going to think about that anymore...it's hurting my brain.

 I lurve the dawg...    2006-06-28 06:51:55 ET
...she is many things as well as a source of random, simple amusement.

Currently she is eating by taking a mouthful of food, spitting it onto the floor, and then eating it.

Earlier, she was attacking my foot as I was trying to do ballet-type kicky things. (pliate? (pronounced pLEE-Ay).

...and people are amazed that I want her name tattooed on me ;]

 New routine or one time thing?    2006-06-24 05:01:02 ET
That remains to be seen. It is what it is for now. I ran with Ashby this am. I didn't run far at all...in fact I think the whole thing lasted about 20 min total from warm up, to run to warm down. One word of advice to anyone thinking of starting to run: Never EVER eat right before you go. I thought it would be a good idea to have a bowl of grapenuts, so I wouldn't be running on an empty stomach...but by the time I got home, I thought I was going to lose it.

Ashby enjoyed it, in any case...oh, yes...and we're pretty much off of the pinch collar now :D THANK YOU CESAR MILLAN!!!

 More yummy food    2006-06-16 13:42:06 ET
I will probably never cook like this again, lol. In fact, I can feel the "fuck it, let's order pizza" bug coming on. However, I made some awesome fudd last night that Waylon accused of being "restaurant quality" teehee...and for once, a compliment I agree with. Creamy Potato soup and spicy chickpea samosas (from scratch). The two go together wonderfully!

Eep! I gotta get dressed...my friend I was doing the project for has another project for me and is picking me up in ten minutes...jeepers!

 ooo...I have hate    2006-06-14 07:05:02 ET
SO, there I was...I was going to get up and take a shower and commence getting ready for work routine when I swiveled my chair away from my computer the back of which knocked over my teacup, spilling it chillingly close to my surge protector...I'm a relatively reasonable and logical person, so one might think that this was the first time it happened, and that I would learn to put my teacup in a place where it wouldn't be disturbed by swiveling desk chairs.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Hate, hate, hate right now.

The thing that is odd is that i'm less concerned about possible electrocution/frying of my computer by the tea spilling on the power cordy stuff...and more concerned that I didn't finish my tea, and there's no time to make more.

I think my priorities are a bit askew.

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