Procrastinating is my Favorite Pass-time    2006-11-09 20:25:13 ET
I have a paper I should be drafting right about now. It's a fiery little essay about how news anchors/journalists spice up the news for the sake of ratings at the expense of creating false, or at least misguided, public opinion. My evidence? The whole pit bull fiasco, of course.

As much as this paper wants to be born, and as much as I want to bear it, it is very difficult to write. I've been hiding from bad dog press because I'm so sensitive to the issue, it almost caused me a nervous breakdown last year after the Faibish incident in SF. The articles are extremely difficult to read because most of the people who write them don't know a damn thing about dogs let alone pitties, and it's infuriating to read the ignorance published in these atrocities they call articles.

I know, I know, I should seize the opportunity to write an array of disgruntled letters to the authors of the misleading articles, but I can't tell you how difficult it is for me to say something like "You have been misinformed...", when I really want to say, "You slanderizin' son of a bitch, you take it back -TAKE IT BACK- or I'll tear out your knee-caps!!!" Sometimes it can be difficult to keep it civilized - especially when, in my mind, I am fighting for Ashby. Unfortunately, I have the fury, but not the razor-sharp tongue (although I'm working on that). I just have to figure out how not to be so god damn nice all the time :P

Anyway, I'm out of things to say, so I should wander off into the realm of homework. Fun shit, yo.


     2006-10-22 06:32:53 ET
I went to this play at the UU church in Hayweird last night (yes, I said "church" but I'll get to that in a minute). It was really hokey and fun...the director obviously has a lot of influence by Ed Wood. Last night was the big annual fund raiser, the dinner theater. They served a themed dinner (which was amazing), and they put on this play that followed along with the theme. The theme for last night's production was "Mental Health Facility"...which was an ed woodish production. Of course there were some points about faith and blahblah, but it made fun or religions, too, so that was ok.

Anyway, my whole point is that it turned out that the two people who spear-headed my trip to london six years ago not only go to this church regularly, but basically organized the food. It was so soul-stretchy to see them again. Next time I go to church, I'm going to bring the man, Dick Albert, this hilarious picture I have of him from the trip. That trip has been the highlight of my life thus far,

Ok, I know you're dying to hear all about this church thing...First of all, UU stands for Unitarian Universalism. Which means they are all inclusive: you can be a christian, a jew, a pagan, or you can even be agnostic (as is the reverend). They are also fully accepting of all sexual orientations. UU's believe that there isn't just one truth, and each sunday the rev. examine's a piece of the puzzle. I started going with my mom after feeling like something was lacking in my life. Whether you have a specific religion you follow or not, it's important to at least think about it once in a while...who are we? where do we come from? is there one truth? is there a higher power? I had completely shut off that side of me...only thinking about it at 2am for a brief minute before dozing off.'s all the way out in Hayward, and it makes more sense for me to find a connection closer to home, but a: religion or lack there of has been something I have always shared with my mom, and b: the people at the hayward church are so wonderful and I'd be heartbroken if I tried to find them elsewhere. They are such curious, supportive and wonderful people. Maybe my tune will change, but for right now, this is where I am.

 Come to this, y0...    2006-10-17 23:25:38 ET
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 Woot.    2006-09-20 08:54:05 ET
Finally able to get online...the last few days have been spotty with my damn DSL, but I just learned a trick that may help in the future :D

SOOO freakin busy, now, dude. Let's see...I've got two jobs (at the same place, thankfully- I'm toggling between hair stylist and receptionist at the salon), two schools, a boyfriend, a dog, and a budding social I'm also really into the first Harry Potter book...I haven't read any of them until now...last time I tried, I couldn't get into it, but my like my momma always says: sometimes there's a right time and a wrong time to start reading a book ;]

Anyhow, I slept in far too late today...I was up until 2am doing math homework last night...and still didn't finish. I was going to finish this am, but there isn't time, now. I have to leave in an hour and a half and my poor doglet needs a walk (I promised her we'd go to return the movies today before I went to class)'s been, like, a week- poor moo.

In other news, my hair smells really good, but it's a tangled mess. I really like the length of the extensions a lot...and I'm going to hate to take them out...but I really should have gotten a haircut before I put them in...and I also should have bought the brush that comes with the kit. Next time. ;]

I'd better get going. Ashby's not nagging me, which is nice of her, but a promise is a promise.
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 :D    2006-08-14 08:20:01 ET
So I was approved for the loan, amazingly enough. I am a firm believer that pretty much everything happens for a reason, so I am totally psyched about this, now. I can't wait to get my materials and start studying. HOORAY!

Anyhow...hangin out with the mama today. Gonna go to ancient ways and buy some motherfuckin' incense! YAY, incense! :D


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