firewater    2007-01-24 08:34:08 ET
It's official: I have the stomach flu, and it's infuriating. It's almost impossible to take care of myself. I can't stand up for more than 3 or 4 min at a time, which makes it difficult to make anything to eat, and I have had to miss one day of work and one day of far-I'm hoping I won't have to miss anymore. I hate not being able to rely on myself, and being pretty much bed ridden.

So, if you've been calling me, this is why I haven't called you back. I'm not dead...I'm just very sick :[

 Under My Skin    2007-01-17 18:33:43 ET
Everyone who knows me would say that I am a tolerant and patient person- often too tolerant and patient- but there is one thing I have absolutely no patience for and will NOT put up with anymore: People who are so insecure that they have to attack another person's insecurities, or rub a mistake in someone's face in order to either feel like a cooler person, or get a laugh out of the crowd. You know the situation I mean...we have, all of us, found ourselves in the position where we were somebody else's High School. We are all adults now, people. Learn how to crack jokes without making other people uncomfortable. No, don't give me "Well, I didn't know, they shoulda said something..." because that is bullshit. Even the least perceptive people can tell when someone is uncomfortable with how far a joke has gone. Additionally, if someone makes a mistake and you catch it, there is absolutely no need to attack that person. Educate them, if you feel the need, but attacking them just makes you look like the insecure bully that you are.

It's been a long time since I've seen such cruelty from so-called friends, and I only have four words to say: Grow The Fuck Up.

 Exciting    2006-12-08 06:46:39 ET
So, I may not be going to New York for NYE, but I *am* going to Savannah a couple of weeks later!! YAYAY!! I bought my tickets yesturday -a really good deal on a clearance fair from at $230 ROUND TRIP. My seats are reserved, so in other words, I'm paying a little over $100 more than last time, but I won't be flying stand-by. HOORAY!

I also finally invested in Dansko shoes. You know, the expensive ones for people who work on their feet all the time. They have awesome support, but still need to be broken in :/

Anyhow...gonna go back to bed...super tired from studying all week.

 Citations    2006-11-22 05:54:56 ET
It's amazing how much I've learned about pit bulls over the last year or so. Since I jumped on the bandwagon, I've read about the breed, about BSL, about the media misrepresenting the stories, only telling half of the truth, completely ignoring big expert sources like the California Veterinary Medical Assoc. and the American Veterinary Medical Assoc., and the AKC, etc, etc.

Anyway, point being is this stuff is so ingrained in my brain by now I didn't even thin to cite some of it in my which my teacher replied "Naughty, naughty, re-locate your sources you bad girl" (although, not exactly in those words). For example, it is very difficult to locate, one year later, the store about Denver Animal Control Officers jumping over fences to confiscate dogs after the ban was enforced. It took me almost four hours to find anything at all, most of the news from a year ago having been lost. Then finally, it was there...a piece of the story I was looking for. One of the people in the "underground pit bull rail road" talked briefly about some owners who told her what happened. I would be able to make my case stronger, however, if I could find a story just about that, though. I will have to go to the library and dig through their periodicals, I think.

Anyway, I've just woken up to be at work by nine, and boy do I feel like arse. My throat is on fire, and I'm completely exhausted, but it's ok. I'm only working from 9-12 and then I'm coming home. Woot.

Alright...gotta get ready...
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 I have a theory...    2006-11-17 09:16:47 ET
The reason why everyone goes shopping the day after thanksgiving (aside from the sales) is because the day after a huge tryptophan fix, you are absolutely in the mood to deal with crowds, at least at first ;]

I'm totally riding a nice seritonin(sp?) high after last night's feast. Ashby, as per usual after every social gathering we have, is extra morning pup sleepy.

So, let's account of yesterday. hehe...

So the packaging on my bird said that it would only have to cook for 4 1/2 hours. I thought this was great, as it totally meant I could laze around until about 3 yesterday. Lounging around, leisurely drinking coffee and egg nog (my favorite holiday combination, actually), and reading Harry Potter until about one, when I headed out to the Berkeley Bowl to pick up some last minute supplies for the stuffing, etc. When I got back, it was time to start chopping. The spread was thus: Turkey with stuffing from scratch; Mashed Potatos; Yams with marshmallow yumminess on top; gravy; Two different kinds of bread: sweet dinner rolls from scratch, and pumpkin bread from a box that my mom gave me; A delightful green bean cassarole brought by Shindig and Jessica; and, ofcourse, Pumpkin pie almost from scratch with whipped cream made from scratch brought by Dylan and Saph; Last but not least, lots and lots and lots of alcohol :D (Ashby got the gizzards with a small amount of stuffing and gravy mixed in with her usual dog food for dinner as well).

The turkey didn't end up being done until 11 or so because, even though it's a fresh turkey and not supposed to be frozen, it was half frozen when I took it out of the package to begin cleaning it. I thawed it out enough to get the giblets out of the neck, but it still took extra time to cook.

People started arriving about 8 or so, and we all got good and drunk before the bird was ready. It was a much larger group than last year which was totally great! I had so much fun hanging with everyone, and seeing Melanie, Shawn, and Annie again just made my heart soar.

It was an awesome night, and I don't think any of us need to eat for the rest of the week :] If there is one complaint I have about last night, though, it's that it went by entirely too fast. Before we knew it, the hour was approaching 1 am and everyone shuffled off to sprawl on their own respective beds and couches. My goal for next year: To figure out that whole gravy thing...(my gravy always ends up having dumplings in it-which is actually quite tasty, but I'd like to have the option to go dumpling-free if I wanted).

Time to go christmas gift idea shopping with my mum!


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