2002-07-02 08:09:59 ET

Guess what, friends? I have decided to grace all of you with a wonderful journal post from yours truly, Letrasiant!! Many many things have happened since my last post, and I'm prepared to not divulge any of that to you.

Instead I'm going to share my coloured Pinkbunny comics with you. They were originally done in black and white but I got so many drooling requests for colour that I finally conceded. Here is the wonderful PB in action, the way you love it:


my new computer
2002-06-17 17:48:52 ET

OK, so I've had it for a few days but I've been too lazy to post anything. Stats on it:

-Dimension 4500 Series Intel Pentium 4 Processor at 2.4GHz
-512MB DDR SDRAM at 266MHz
-Dell Quiet Key Keyboard
-17 in M782 Monitor (Flat Panel)
-64MB GeForce4 MX Graphics Card with TV-Out
-40GB ATA-100 7200 RPM
-3.5in Floppy Drive
-Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
-Dell Support 1.2, Dimension
-Microsoft Intellimouse (soon to be replaced with wireless)
-10/100 PCI Fast Ethernet NIC Factory Install
-56K PCI Telephony Modem for Windows
-Decoding Software for DVD-ROM Drive, Dimension 4500
-16X DVD-ROM Drive
-SB Live! 1024 Digital Sound Card
-Harman Kardon HK-206 Speakers
-250MB Iomega Zip Built-In Drive
-Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2002OEM Package
-Dell Picture Studio Standard Edition
-6 Month Dellnet by MSN
-Microsoft Office XP Small Business
-3 Year Limited Warranty
-Premium Dell Movie Studio, Bundle
-24x/10x/40x CD-RW Drive

I am happy.

2002-06-14 14:42:47 ET

Alright, so I've been led on again. He tells me to call him Monday, I do, at which time he tells me to call him on Friday. I do that today, but he's busy and he'll call me back at 3. 4:00 comes around and he hasn't called, so I call him. I finally get in touch with him at 7:45 and he barely talks and says he'll call me when he's not busy.

Thanks for making a complete fool out of me.

2002-06-12 03:52:31 ET

I'm just curious, what is the point of all these journal things? I don't know any of you. I most likely never will. So why am I spending my morning reading meaningless comments in people's journals here? Why did I even spend the time to create this journal? I have two others already...

Thinking about things like this always ruins the rest of my day. I stay up all night pondering space-time ratios and how maybe it is possible to travel faster than the speed of light, and all I get in return for my troubles is no sleep and a headache in the morning.

I just want to know some things.
-Is the universe really infinite? If so, how is that possible? Can we, human beings, truly comprehend the enormity of infinity?
-Why is it that billions of people can all believe in the same non-existant god, yet not one of them can agree on a government system? We get into wars and bomb other countries because they don't follow the same laws as we do.
-What makes us human, exactly? Do we have a special kind of consciousness that separates us from animals? Or are we just like them? Does my cat realize that it's alive?
-What makes computers work? How can a person just solder a bunch of wires to a circuitboard and make a visual on a screen? What series of electrical occurances creates a working comuter, or TV?

That's all my tired brain can pull out right now. More questions on life and society to come.

I make good quizzes
2002-06-11 19:18:37 ET

What Kind of Goth Are You?

This dark quiz was made by Xenianth!

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