into the blood
2007-03-13 13:01:10 ET

oh yeah, i lost 5 lbs last week. i'm continuing to not eat any sugar besides whatever is in granola bars and exercising every day. camel has a new flavour of cigarettes out and sent me a bunch of coupons which i used up in only a few days. i've driven 300 miles and still have a quarter tank left in my new car. my pillowcase is speckled red from my hairdye so that it looks like someone died on it. work is surprisingly fun recently. i kicked my roommate's ass yesterday for disconnecting me from the internet during the night and throughout the day so that his ping wouldn't go up while he played WoW when he should have been sleeping. i saw 300 this weekend and it was pretty. it's been really warm out these past few days which makes my brain chemical composition a lot brighter... except when i'm sitting in my room alone at night reading through old livejournal entries.

it's supposed to rain tomorrow.
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revisiting old flames
2007-03-11 15:39:39 ET

So, back in high school I was obsessed with AFI, or A Fire Inside, a hardcore/punk band from California. It just happened to be around the time when they were gaining recognition (by Hot Topic, mainly). If you know me well, you know that when I get into a band, I listen to them non-stop until someone takes my CD's and harddrive away, and buy all the shirts and posters of them that I can. I'm what you could call a rather passionate person.

I went to Warped Tour in the summer of 2001 specifically only to see AFI. I mean sure, Rancid was going to be there, but that was just secondary. My friends and I thought we had gotten there fairly early, but apparently AFI was the first band of the day. I was literally on my knees smashing my fists against the pavement in anger. But at least I got to meet Hunter and Jade from the band, and had my (omg so punk) Converse shoe signed. (Yeah, that's me the summer before senior year of high school. -_-)

Anyway, I slowly lost interest in AFI as I got more and more into industrial music, and for practically all of college I didn't listen to them or pay attention to their whereabouts at all.

I'm listening to the radio last week, and this song comes on, and I absolutely love it. I look at my dashboard to see who it is, and HOLY FUCK it's AFI. They sound completely different; they aren't "punk" anymore; I would group them more in the My Chemical Romance genre (THAT'S RIGHT WHINY HOT TOPIC MUSIC IS ITS OWN GENRE). However, I do not let that deter me, I like the song and that's all that matters.

I bought AFI's newest album this weekend, Decemberunderground, and it is very fucking interesting. It definitely is not punk, but it borrows sounds from all over (except the classics such as jazz and the like, of course).

I browse on YouTube to see whatever new music videos they have up (cause they have to by now), and what the fucking hell, Davey Havok, the lead singer, the man I was in love with for 2 years, looks like a weird cross between Brian Molko from Placebo and Johnny Depp.

Look! If you don't believe me!

Dude, I mean he's hot, but he USED to look like THIS! What happened, Davey? I mean, his hair looks a LOT like mine used to before I cut it all off and dyed it red (oh yeah, I need to upload pics of that, don't I?), so I feel a little special.

Anyway, you can see their big single music video HERE. I think the uploader meant to type "prelude".

no subject
2007-03-10 06:12:43 ET

Ugh. Aren't weekends for sleeping in and doing whatever the hell you want?

I had to wake up early today to go to the post office to pick up a package before they close because they can't leave them at the door or the punk-ass ghetto kids will steal them. Then I have to go to my parents and clean up Xmas stuff (yeah, their tree is still up) to help pay off my car down payment debt.. as I'm going to be doing every Saturday forever now. Then I'm taking my brother out to see 300 for his birthday. Hopefully I'll have some time to myself today, and actually get to see some people I like.

Tomorrow I have to get up early because my mother is celebrating my brother's birthday, and I HAVE to be there. Yay fun.

I still have to get the rotten banana stain out of my carpet.

2007-03-05 17:04:36 ET

So I've decided to kick myself in the ass and finally lose weight. I worked out when I got home from work today, and this will become a regular thing. I only ate one Cadbury Creme Egg tonight, as well. I had white rice, smokes, and Diet Mountain Dew for dinner. This week is going to be really hard because my vagina is spewing out blood and hormones, but we'll see how it goes.

Because I really, really need to lose weight, not just for my self esteem and to be able to fit into my clothes again, but also for health reasons. Since I've gained the 20lbs since moving into this apartment, my hiatal hernia has gotten worse, my knees are giving me shit, and I just feel shitty all around. I honestly need to lose at least 50 lbs to feel healthy and *right* again. Let's hope I can keep the resolve.

At least I'm not in a relationship to keep me complacent anymore.

Plague update
2007-02-28 08:56:01 ET

So I laid on the couch all weekend watching Discovery Health and coughing up my entire being, and by Monday morning I actually felt well enough to go to work. Zicam does wonders. I was still coughing intermittently as well as rather tired, but thought I was simply getting over it.

Last night, I started coughing so bad I began spitting up fluid. Then specks of blood. I thought, "Hey, this doesn't look like getting better!" And so I went to the doctor's this morning.

Yup, I have bronchitis. They gave me some antibiotics and robitussin with codeine so that I can sleep at night. I then called work to let them know what was up, and came back here.

Medical Mysteries, here I come!
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